Monday, May 13, 2013

Leonard Sim just misses out podium improving Team ARC performance at Raceworks Elite Class Round 4

Leonard Sim (right in pic) from Team ARC Singapore has kindly provided us his race reports for the Raceworks Elite Class Round 4. Here is what he has to say about the race.

"Strategy for round 4 was to set my ARC R10 to be smoother powered so that tires will not overheat and stay consistent throughout the 5 mins race. I can then leverage on other competitor's car having tire issues near the end of the run. Hence, I used a higher turn motor coupled with boost and turbo settings to make the power as smooth as possible. Practice timings were decent and encouraging as I was able to clock 19 laps in 5 mins. The disadvantage was clearly evident on the long straights but I was able to make up the gaps in the in-field. I ended up having my car feeling really dialed and consistent but was still searching for additional long straight speed. 

Race was hampered by periodic raining during the event and we finally got qualifying 1 started at about 1pm. At the time of qualifying 1, the track was still partially damp particularly after the long straight leading into the sweeper. Lap 1 and I was trying to hang on to the other cars and carried a little too much speed after the long straight and spun but recovered. It took a fair bit of trial and error to hit the sweetspot for corner entry on a damp track as it was. If I were to back off too much, I will be losing out too much on the straights as I usually have a faster entry into the sweeper than the others. Ended up having 4-5 half spins which lost me 0.5-1.0s each. In the in-field, my car was really handling really well and was able to make up for loss time on the straights. Ended the qualifying in 4th 0.05s behind 3rd place. I was also able to clock the 3rd best lap of 16.8s which was 0.2s shy of front runners Nic Lee & PY who were able to clock 16.6s. Overall, I am really satisfied with my ARC R10 now and I believe with a slightly faster top speed, I will be able to close the gaps to the front runners. Till Round 5!"  

Thanks to Leonard Sim for the report. Team ARC closing up the points in the series and currently sitting 3rd in the team championships standings.


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