Monday, June 11, 2018

EC Kim Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 Setup Sheet at 2018 GRC Sports Seoul & Team James Cup Korea

Muchmore podium at 2018 GRC Sports Seoul & Team James Cup Korea

Team Muchmore EC Kim attended the GRC Sports Seoul & Team James Cup in South Korea. EC's Muchmore-powered Destiny qualified 3rd in the premier modified class and managed to keep some of the top drivers a run for their money, finishing 3rd overall on the podium.

Muchmore's Ryan Cavalieri TQ's & Wins 2018 ROAR Modified Touring Car National Championship in Florida!

In the premier Modified Touring Car class, Cavalieri went onto dominate qualifying with his Muchmore powered Team Associated TC7.1 by TQ'ing 3 of the 4 rounds to take the overall TQ honors!

Marc Rheinard Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 Setup Sheet at 2018 Reedy International Touring Car Race of Champions

Muchmore wins 2018 Reedy TC Race of Champions

The 2018 Reedy International Touring Car Race of Champions was held this past weekend for the last time at the World Famous Tamiya Raceway in beautiful Aliso Viejo, California. Muchmore factory drivers Marc Rheinard and Ryan Cavalieri were both in attendance and competing in the ultra competitive Invitational class! Also on-hand was Muchmore Japan CEO/Owner Yusuke "Koba" Kobayashi and Muchmore USA team manager Joe Pillars to help assist all Muchmore team drivers and customers at the event.

Muchmore Hybrid Touch DUO AC/DC Charger/Discharger now available @ Quantum!

Muchmore Hybrid Touch DUO AC/DC Charger is a ground breaking charger features max 400 watts of power via dual 200 + 200watt circuits allowing for simultaneous charging of two batteries up to each 20amps when you use with DC power supply.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

ARC Downstop Adjust Screw now in stock @ Quantum!

The new ARC Downstop Adjust Screw are made from steel with 2mm hex hole , It can replace the R8.1/R8.1E downstop adjust 4mm screw both in front and rear, the special design screw with more surface to touch droop adjust arm and chassis.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Silvio Hachler ARC R8.1 Setup Sheet at 2018 ENS Netherlands

Kasni teams up with ARC Singapore

ARC Singapore gets another local driver with Kasni joining the growing ARC team. Kasni has been in the nitro RC racing scene for many years in Singapore, which he will be supporting ARC Singapore to grow and to help test new products. Kasni next race will be the Round 2 of the Singapore National Championships in May 2018.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

ARC R8.1 starts 2nd at 2018 Euro Nitro Series Round 1 Netherlands

Team ARC Europe's front-runner Silvio Hachler will start 2nd from the grid at the opening round of the 2018 Euro Nitro Series in Rucphen, Netherlands. Having some trouble in Q1, Hachler's P3 in Q2 and P2 in the last two rounds put him in overall 2nd behind Simon Kurzbuch and just ahead of the current World Champion, Dario Balestri. A-Main finals will be scheduled to run on Sunday.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Muchmore is 2018 ROAR Electric On-Road National Champion

Ryan Cavalieri from Team Muchmore took the TQ and win at the 2018 ROAR Electric Paved On-Road National Championships which were held at Ft. Myers R/C Car Club in Cape Coral, Florida, USA. Muchmore Factory Driver Ryan Cavalieri arrive at this years ROAR Nats with hopes of adding another Modified Touring Car National Championship to his already impressive resume.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Hiro Seiko Lightweight Aluminum Screw Set available now @ Quantum!

Hiro Seiko Lightweight Aluminum Screw Set now available for most popular motors in the market including Muchmore Fleta ZX V2, Orca Blitreme and Reedy S+Plus. The Hiro Seiko Aluminum Screw Set is not only lightweight but also improves the performance of the motor by increasing the KV value due to lesser impact of magnetism.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

ARC Ackerman Plate 10.5mm Carbon for R8.1/R8.0/R8.1E now available @ Quantum!

New R8.0/R8.1/R8.1E Option parts 10.5mm ackermen steering plate R808011. Then new plate come with 10.5mm distance between 2 balls . The different between original one (8.5mm) is the new one will give more initial turn but decrease exit steering. avoid over steering in corner apex , best setup combination is using forward hole on steering plate on steering block.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 Titanium Spec Rotor 12.5x7.25x24.2mm [Z] back in stock @ Quantum!

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 Titanium 12.5mm Spec Rotor back in stock. The lightweight titanium rotor is a common setup to replace the MM-MR-FZR21Y spec rotor in Muchmore ZX V2 stock motors to gain more torque and higher RPM due to its lighter rotational mass. The FZR21TIZ is BRCA approved rotor. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 Specter Brushless Motor now available @ Quantum!

Muchmore Racing introduce “The Specter” the fastest stock motor ever produced. "Specter" Brushless Motor series based technology of the Muchmore Racing R&D team. World champion driver Marc Rheinard participating in the test, the driver can optimize the handling of development. And 1/10 Touring Car and Off-Road driver provides the best feeling and maximum power.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Muchmore Tweak Master Ver.4 now available @ Quantum!

New from Muchmore Racing the TweakMaster Ver.4. Featuring 3 holes for Antenna pipe hole, Motor mount post hole and Spur gear hole. 11.9mm Thinner and Lighter Design. Black Cap with Muchmore Original Logo is attached. Include 6 cushions to protect the Tweak Board.

BLITZ TS040E 1/8 Electric On-Road Racing Bodyshell now in stock @ Quantum!

The new BLITZ TS040E body shell was exclusively designed for electric power 1/8th On-Road racing. It has a unique center body wing that provides superb handling at top speed.
The center cooling hold provides high air flow through the chassis that optimizes cooling performance for the battery, motor and ESC. It also increases a lot of steering than other 1/8th body shell on the market.

BLITZ 919 1/8 On-Road Racing Bodyshell now in stock @ Quantum!

The ALL New BLITZ 919 bodyshell designed for serious nitro 1/8th professional racers. With a lot of time in lab development and track testings, the BLITZ 919 gives a very well-balanced of steering, in and out corners with high stability. The 919 bodyshell comes with 2 different thickness options, 0.7 mm and 0.8mm.

ARC R11 2018 TQ & Wins 2018 Speed King Tour Round 1

ARC driver Yusuke Gotou wins the first round of the 2018 Speed King Tour. Gotou pace controlled the race as top qualifier and winning the premiere Modified class.