Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Muchmore FLETA PRO V2 1S Brushless ESC now available @ Quantum!

Muchmore FLETA PRO V2 1S Brushless ESC now available. Lightweight, compact and full aluminum casing gives the new Muchmore FLETA series one of the best 1S ESC in the market.

Muchmore SPECTER Silver Coating Ultra High Efficiency Silicone Wire 12AWG now available @ Quantum!

Muchmore SPECTER Silver Coating Ultra High Efficiency Silicone Wire 12AWG Black now available. Pure-Silver known as high conductivity was applied. It is the best weapon to deliver output from the ESC to the motor without loss.

Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 17.5T ER Brushless Motor back in stock @ Quantum!

Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 17.5T ER Brushless Motor back in stock. Popular choice among the racer at the Singapore's 2018 Urban Touring Series, the organizer announced that the same Fleta ZX V2 17.5T ER will continue to be the legal motor for the 2019 season.

Muchmore CDS10 Low Profile High Voltage Servo now in stock @ Quantum!

Muchmore releases new low profile high voltage servo. The Muchmore CDS10 features low profile plastic and aluminum casing, compatible with high operating voltage input.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Hiro Seiko Power Cable 12AWG Silver Ghost now in stock @ Quantum!

Everyone knows besides gold, Silver has the highest conductivity among all the ingredients. However, only a few manufacturers are willing to develop power cable with silver wire. Maybe some audio equipment related industry would develop it but there’s no other manufacturer has developed something like silver wire in RC industry.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ARC-Muchmore Podium at 2018 Singapore ISTC Stock National Championship

The 2018 Singapore ISTC Stock National Championship was held in Urban Playspace, jointly with the season finale of the UTS series round 5. Four titles to announce on this event for the Singapore Stock National Champion, Singapore Formula National Champion, UTS Round 5 winner, and the overall UTS series champion, which attracting a larger entries than usual.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

P.Y.Tang reveals tips on Tamiya LiFe battery charging

An exclusive interview with P.Y.Tang reveals tips on what he did to gain the extra edge from the Tamiya LiFe battery which he won the 2012 Tamiya Asia Cup in Korea. Multi-time champion in Tamiya Singapore Qualifying and 5th place A-Main finalist in GPX-TRF class 2012 Tamiya World Championships, P.Y.Tang shows us his know how in making the Tamiya LiFe more power, legally. P.Y.Tang send us an article as below.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

P.Y.Tang Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 Setup Sheet @ 2018 ISTC Singapore Nationals

P.Y.Tang ARC R11 2019 Setup Sheet @ 2018 ISTC Singapore Nationals

Muchmore crowned 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion

Muchmore claims 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion. P.Y.Tang's Muchmore-powered ARC R11 2019 took Final A2 and A3 to win the national title from 3rd in the grid. Running a non-production ARC R11 2019, the Muchmore power plant chosen was the Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 ESC, Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 4.5T Motor and Muchmore Impact 6400 110C LiPo.

ARC R11 2019 takes 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion

The 2018 Singapore ISTC National Championships was held at the large nitro PA East Coast track. Organized by RCMC and unlike a series race in previous years, this would be a single event to determine the 2018 ISTC national champion. Muchmore Rush 36X tires and Hudy tire addictive was controlled for the event. Usage of new and used tires also would be controlled being new sets on Q1, Q2 and Final A1, while the rest on used sets.

ARC R11 2019 free shipping now @ Quantum!

ARC R11 2019 edition is ready now. New designed parts to improve quality and performance of the latest ARC 1/10th electric touring car. Free shipping for the first 10 car kits!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

BLITZ S100 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell now in stock @ Quantum!

The new BLITZ S100 1/10th touring car body is an up-to-date design for the highly competitive 1/10 electric Touring car racing. Compare with all previous BLITZ body shell, the S100 provide more down force, which works well in low to medium traction. Pre-mark lines in both front and rear wheel arch gives easy and precise different mounting position. Rear wing comes with 2 different cut lines to adjust the rear down force and the 20mm X 40mm side wing plates are also included. The S100 body shell is made from high quality clear polycarbonate ,window mask ,light decal and wing screw set all included , the standard version S100 is made from 0.8mm, light version 0.7mm and ultra light 0.5mm.

Nelson Lee Setup Sheet at 2018 Singapore Infinity Nitro Grand Prix

P.Y.Tang Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 Setup Sheet at 2018 XRS Indonesia

Monday, October 8, 2018

Muchmore RUSH 36X Control Tires for 2018 RCMC Singapore Electric ISTC Nationals

Quantum is proud to announce Muchmore Rush 36X Pre-Mount Tire as the control tires for the 2018 RCMC Singapore Electric ISTC to be held in PA East Coast track on 21st October 2018. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

ARC-Muchmore wins 2018 XRS Indonesia

2018 XRS Indonesia took place at the Sunter International Speedway in North Jakarta. A regular visitor, Team ARC P.Y.Tang attended the event. In the 2-day race, 4 qualifying rounds to be competed on Saturday, and the last 5th qualifying round and finals on Sunday.

ARC R11 2019 Car Kit - Pre-Order Starts now Free Delivery @ Quantum!

It is great pleasure to announce the ARC R11 2019 edition. Ready to ship in mid-October. Many complete new parts designed for the R11 2019 to improve the quality and performance. New parts and features included,

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Trinity Tire Tweak White Dot Traction back in stock @ Quantum!

Trinity Tire Tweak White Dot Traction back in stock in limited quantity only. The highly popular tire addictive is suitable to generate very good traction in low traction track condition. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

ARC R8.1 podium at 2018 Infinity Singapore International Nitro Grand Prix

The 2018 Infinity Singapore International Nitro Grand Prix was held on the same week as the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. Formerly known as RCMC Singapore Open, this year's biggest annual nitro event in Singapore is supported by Infinity. With a large attendance from Team Infinity Asia and Europe including reigning 1/8 world champion Dario Balestri, Team ARC also had a full support from its local drivers in Singapore.

Titan Anti-Slip Foam Tape now available @ Quantum!

New TiTAN Anti-Slip Foam Tape is design for most model 1/10 Touring Car ,The 0.5mm thickness anti-slip tape with back glued tape is useful to avoid Lipo battery moving ,Tape size is 110mm long x35mm wide x 0.5mm thickness, 3pcs/pack.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Muchmore FLETA EURO V2 ESC Ultra Capacitor now in stock @ Quantum!

Muchmore FLETA EURO V2 ESC Ultra Capacitor, the single ESC power ultra capacitor is based on the latest Li-Po technology and features lowest possible low impedance and even more power with linear throttle feeling. Capacitor with a higher capacity than the box stock. Store higher voltages to produce instantaneous power.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

ARC R11 & Muchmore TQ at 2018 Urban Touring Series Round 4 Singapore

Singapore's Urban Touring Series goes into Round 4 just this past weekend with the attendance of Team ARC's P.Y.Tang. Showing a good pace in practise on Saturday, P.Y. worked on getting a better package on his Muchmore-powered ARC R11 2018 for the single class of Blinky 17.5T.

Muchmore Racing Factory Team Pit Mat now available @ Quantum!

New from Muchmore Racing the Factory Team Pit Mat. Made from durable foam material and stylish Muchmore Logos on both corners. The mat is 4mm thick and 1220 x 610 mm.