Monday, August 30, 2010

H-Energy Soft Packs LiPo & LiFe for your RC Airplane, Helicopter and Boats available soon @ Quantum!

Coming soon the H-Energy high power LiPo and LiFe soft packs for your RC Airplane, Helicopters and Boats. Available in a wide range of sizes, capacities an voltages for most your RC applications at a discharge rate from 20C-50C.

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Exotek products available now @ Quantum!

EX05- TA05 V2 LIPO CHASSIS available now!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

New H-Energy LiFe AC/DC Balance Charger in stock now @ Quantum!

Type: 2S-3S LiFePo4 battery pack
Type: Suitable for LiFe Receiver Pack or equivalent
Input Voltage: DC 12V~15V/2000mA, AC 110-220V
Output charge: DC 3.6V; 700mA.
Operating temperature: 0-40 degree C
Dimension: 78mm*52mm*22mm
weight: 72 g (excluding AC adapter)

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

H-Energy LiPo 5500Mah 50C Quick Review by Wirawan Hamidoon

Recently signed H-Energy driver, Wirawan Hamidoon of Brunei has made a quick review of his new H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo. Here is the review.

By Wirawan Hamidoon:

Recently I was sent 2 H-Energy Lipo batts. The specs are 5500mAh 50C. The batts come in a nice box with a carbon look graphics printed on it. There are detail instructions/precautions and warnings on its side and at the bottom of the box. Read and understand it before operating.

On the inside, the batts are carefully padded with foam so it won’t move during transportation.

Here’s a close pic of the batt. It is wrapped in a transparent heat shrink plastic. You can remove it but I decided to leave it as it is, I just make some holes for the connector post as well as the balancer port. Leaving the shrink wrap also protect the batts from ageing ie: scratches during usage, afterall I like to keep my stuffs looking always fresh and looks new.

The dimension of the batts are 138 mm long, 47 mm wide and 26 mm thick. If you want it slimmer you can take off the shrink plastic that I mentioned above. I don’t have problems fitting it on my Sakura Zero and I assume there will be neither on any current TC model cars as well.

As always , every time I get new batts I will check for its voltage. As you can see from the pic below the batt came in balanced state. This is a very good sign as some previous batts that I had were not in balanced state and this usually leads to a swell prone state during a short time usage.

I balanced charged the batts using my charger set at 5.5A which is equal to 1C rate. After it fully charged I check its Internal Resistance with my charger and both batts showed a very low internal resistance value of 1. The lower the resistance the better the performing the batts coz it will not restrict current demanded from the esc during usage. My other batts that I had was reading the value of 3-5. This again is a very good sign of a very good batt.

First test I did was during one of the afternoon at our local track. Quickly I realized how powerful this batts are. I was using it in my stock car and I can easily match a mod car on the straights. This confirmed the internal resistance test that I did above. This further confirmed by my friend Haris, which has the same equipment (esc+motor+esc setup+FDR) as me. He was complaining on why his car was not as quick as me, so I lend him my batt and immediately he can feel the difference straight away.

First race was during our recent PEMKAR race. I was so confident on the performance of the batts that I decided to use my stock car in the Open Mod class 1st heat round. It appeared that I m right, I was on par with the other Mod cars and even Tq’ed the round. For the rest of the heats and finals I was using it on my 5.5t Mod car, which showed a blistering fast speed on the straights. The batts were very consistent during the heats and all the finals. Not a single hiccup. I m very happy with the performance of this batts and I will be using this batts from now on and any races that I ll be attending.

Original review can be found at this link

Thank you to Mr. Wirawan for the review! Good Luck in the upcoming races!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ken Ng-H-Energy podium finish at Thunder Tiger Off-Road Series 3 Johor Malaysia Open (August 22, 2010)

Ken Ng of H-Energy reported his successful result at the Thunder Tiger Off-Road Series 3 Johor Malaysia Open at Niko racetrack. Managed to join the show in the 1-8th Buggy A-Main, Ken Ng qualified in 8th position. In the gruelling one-hour A-Main, Ken Ng had his ups and downs, flaming-out a few times. Using his patience and with a strong support from his team of mechanic, Ken Ng climbed back up to a highest position o 2nd, with a strong overall finish in the A-Main 3rd. Still consider a newcomer in the 1-8th Off-Road scene, Ken Ng success is nonetheless from his personal hardwork and preseverance with a strong team of drivers and equipments to back him up. We will see more action from Ken Ng in the 1-8th GP Buggy and 1-10th EP Touring Car very soon.

Ken Ng Xray 808 is powered by H-Energy 1400Mah 6.4V LiFe Stick Pack (HE1350642S1P).

H-Energy is the leading manufacturer of LiFe which is a new generation of battery technology that is more consistent than NiMh and safer than LiPo. LiFe is very safe, stable with low discharge rate, lightweight, charge at 4C, eliminates the use of voltage regulators in gas-powered RC cars and most importantly do not cause fire hazard during misuse.

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Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Season Finale Round 6 @ Atomic Collective (August 22, 2010)

22nd August 2010 came and it was the final round of the Quantum Mini-Z Series. Again, the venue is at Atomic Collective. Still up for grab is the Stock and Mod Open class overall Champion. The last race saw a different style than the usual clockwise track, it was run anti-clockwise instead. This gave a very interesting race as most of the drivers are not use to running anti-clockwise.

Qualifying saw a very strong run from Allister, who recently tied up with TRPscale as a team driver by TQ-ing both the Stock and Mod Open class. He proved that he is very determined to win both classes of the championship. Series leader, Azmi gave his all but the lack of experience running anti-clockwise proved that he had tried his very best and obtained 2nd overall in both Stock and Mod Open in Qualifying. Jeff from Mini-Z Dynasty was also lack-lustred in qualifying from tiredness from the road-trip and set-up problems with his car. These 3 are in contention for the Overall Champion for both classes.

In the Stock Class Finals, Daniel found some new pace and setting some fast laps in the finals, however, he was plague by mistakes and took him 3rd overall. Allister too has his fair share of issues, system issues and ball diff problems did not help to secure the win he needed and ended up 2nd overall. Azmi with his smooth and consistent driving help him to the win. With both Allister and Azmi tied at 120 points in the series, Azmi won by throw-away results.

In the Mod Open Finals, again Allister was having the same ball diff problem which he wasn't able to resolve. With the problem it was hard to fight for top spot and had to settle for 3rd overall. Jeff was let down by body shell problems and a screw came out in one of the finals and he scrap for 2nd overall. Azmi again proved that smooth and consistent driving is the best way to win the race even he said earlier
that running anti-clockwise is his un-doing. The series champion goes to Azmi over 1 point over Allister.

Top 3 Final Results

Stock Class:
1st Azmi
2nd Allister (TQ)
3rd Daniel

Modified Class:
1st Azmi
2nd Jeff
3rd Allister (TQ)

Overall Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Champion:
Stock Class - Azmi
Modified Class - Azmi

Congratulations to Azmi for being the the 2010 Quantum Mini-Z Cup Series Champion!

Biggest winner for the day is Jeff Cheong from Mini-Z Dyansty KL, he walked away with a 2.4ghz MR02 Mini-Z kit!!!!

Thank you all drivers for the support as we come to an end of the series race and thanks to our sponsors, PN Racing, R1wurks, Reflex Racing, H-Energy and Eastgear.

See you soon in Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2011!

Kenny Wu Robitronic-Orca-H-Energy combination In Action at HPI Drift Challenge 2010 Round 6 @ Chua Chu Kang C.C (August 22, 2010)

Kenny Wu and his team reported their testing of the Robitronic Avid V2 at the recent HPI Drift Challenge 2010 Round 6 @ Chua Chu Kang C.C. Powered by Orca Vritra VC4 Pro-Spec ESC and H-Energy LiPo Batteries, Kenny Wu showed great confidence of what the new Robitronic Avid V2 is able to perform in drifting. With his Avid V2 power by the H-Energy 5000Mah 40C, he stated that he has a powerful car which he can accelerate with control whenever he wants and decelerates easier with the linearity power from the H-Energy LiPo plus the easy-driving of the well-balanced Avid V2. Replacing the Front Spool Set (RA1500 & RA1504) with a new one-way drive set (RA1400 & RA0253) in the Avid V2, Kenny agreed that the car has much better initial manouvering now that requires precise control in drifting skills. Although the result could have been much better in the competition, we are all amazed with the performance of the Robitronic Avid V2, and with the powerplant from Orca and H-Energy, we are sure to give this team a thumbs up. Stay tune and we will update more results from Kenny and the team from Drift Evolution.

Orca Vritra VC4 ESC and Power Booster back in stock @ Quantum!

Product.No. OBS080R1
ORCA VRITRA VC4 PRO SPEC ESC with the programming of the ESC done through the included LCD programmer, there will always be an optimum setting for the motor you decide to use. Provide you with the smoothest and linear driving feel when you pull the trigger. Also support Sanwa FHSS Digital High Response System(R), and new ROAR Stock Spec LED indication system(0 timing)

- Multiple Adjustable Parameters : 12 Parameters
- Adjustable Drive Frequencies : Yes
- Motor Limited : Over 5.5T
- Motor Type : 540 Size Sensored / Sensorless
- Voltage Input : 4.8V-9.9V DC, 4-6 cells NiMH / NiCD, 2 cells LiPo / 2-3 cells LiFe
- Dimensions : 42(L) x 33.5(W) x 33.5(H)mm with Fan Attached
- Weight : 65g (With out Wires)

Product.No. OPB8160B
ORCA release our new Power Boost for the ESC, which transfers unutilized current back into the ESC for more effective use of current throughout the whole system, improving run time, providing you with the best available voltage and consistency throughout your run.

- Suitable use in 7.4V(2cell) LiPo
- Over 3.5Turns brushless motor
- Only use in sensored motors
- Increase ESC efficiency
- Improve run time
- Dimensions 24 x 11 x 15mm
- Weight 16g

Xray-Orca 1-2 at RCI 1/10 Touring Open Modified (August 21, 2010)

Following the postponed race early August due to the rain, the RCI Touring Open resumed on August 21, 2010. Rain once again hit the track in the afternoon but the rain finally stopped at about 3pm. P.Y.Tang who was holding the TQ position from the postponed race for the modified class after one round of qualifying would see his effort wasted as the race resumed with a fresh start for all drivers. It was a totally different story in the modified class as newcomer E.C.Wee took the TQ spot with P.Y.Tang settling for 2nd from the pole unable to get a clean run in the qualifying rounds due to some bad traffic.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings Modified Class:
1st E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca Vritra/Infinite - 22 laps 5:07.623
2nd P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca Vritra/Infinite - 22 laps 5:08.992
3rd Joe Hwee -Hotbodies TCX - 21 laps 5:01.631
4th Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca Infinite - 21 laps 5:06.314
5th Barry Ng - TOP Photon - 21 laps 5:06.824
6th Jack Lim - TOP Photon - 21 laps 5:07.511
7th Jason Lee - Schumacher MI4 - 21 laps 5:07.625
8th Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 416X, H-Energy - 21 laps 5:09.677
9th Allister Lim - Hotbodies TCX - 21 laps
10th Kevin Wong - CEFX Photon - 21 laps 5:12.916

(E.C.Wee Xray T3, Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo)

(P.Y.Tang Xray T3, Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo)

In the finals for modified class, it would seemed like a 2-car affair between E.C.Wee and P.Y.Tang. Final A1 started off slow for E.C.Wee followed closely by P.Y.Tang and Joe Hwee. While P.Y.Tang was trying to stay behind E.C.Wee as close as possible, an unexpected contact by Joe Hwee from behind caused P.Y.Tang to spin out and created some major accident while trying to recover. P.Y.Tang retired from a damaged car while E.C.Wee cruised for the win for Final A1. Final A2 was a much better show when the two front car of E.C. and P.Y. battled out from start to finish neck to neck, with E.C. claiming the win and the overall 1st. P.Y.Tang would settle for overall 2nd followed by a win in the Final A3.

Top 3 Final Standings Modified Class:
1st E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca Vritra - 2pts
2nd P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca Vritra - 3pts
3rd Jack Lim - TOP Photon - 4pts

E.C.Wee (left)

P.Y.Tang (left)

Top 3 Final Standings Stock Class 11.5T
1st Leonard Sim - TOP
2nd Jonathan Tan - TOP, OrcaQ QX1
3rd Kevin Wong - TOP

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Xray Racing News Updates..

Tamiya Asia Cup 2010 @ Manila, Philippines!

Tentaive layout released for the Tamiya Asia Cup 2010 at Manila, Philippines. Unusual TAC clockwise direction is tentatively stated and the layout is 18.6m x 17.5m which is slightly larger than the previous layout at the Tamiya Asia Cup 2009 in Bangkok.

Stay tune for more updates!

Monday, August 16, 2010

H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo back in stock @ Quantum!

TYPE: Li-Polymer Battery 7.4V LiPo 5500mAh 50C
IMPEDANCE at 1KHz (mΩ): ≤2. 5 (1pcs)
CHARGE CURRENT (A): Max. 11 (2C)
CELL DIMENSION: APPROXIMATE 138mm ﹡ 46.5mm ﹡ 24mm)
WEIGHT: ≤ 330g

Recent race results of the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C High Performance LiPo:
Podium at Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 6 Finale (August 15, 2010)
TQ and win at PEMKAR TC Race (August 8, 2010)
TQ and win at Niko Cup 1-10 EP Open Race 2010 (August 8, 2010)

For more information please visit or contact us at

Tom Goh and H-Energy/Xray podium finish at JustHobby Edam Open 1/10 GP Final Series (August 8, 2010)

Congratulations to Tom Goh finishing 3rd position at the JustHobby Edam Open 1/10 GP Final Series held at JustHobby Racetrack on August 8, 2010.
Tom Goh podium finish will also see him taking the Overall 2nd for the series concluding the Justhobby Edam Open 1/10 GP Series, and another succesful result for H-Energy and Xray.

H-Energy and ZTW tops 4WD GT of Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Championship 2010 (August 15, 2010)

P.Y.Tang (right), Andrew Law of Stargek Tamiya Singapore (left)

P.Y.Tang of H-Energy/ZTW tops the 4WD GT class of the Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Championship 2010. This is his 3rd year in the TAC Singapore Championship and the 2nd time that he tops the 4WD GT class. P.Y. previous results was 6th overall 4WD GT in Tamiya Asia Cup 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 5th overall 4WD GT in Tamiya Asia Cup 2009 Bangkok, Thailand.

Chee Lip Keong (right)

Chee Lip Keong of H-Energy/ZTW finished 2nd overall in Singapore Championship and will be representing the Singapore team for the 3rd time to compete at the Tamiya Asia Cup 2010.

Final Top 10 Championship Standings 4WD GT:
1st P.Y.Tang (H-Energy, ZTW) - 544pts
2nd Chee Lip Keong (H-Energy, ZTW) - 510pts
3rd Jason Lee (Orca) - 505pts
4th Kevin Wong - 495pts
5th Hasron (ZTW) - 475pts
6th Jonathan Chia - 466pts
7th HJ Quek (H-Energy, ZTW) - 455pts
8th Colin Tong (H-Energy, ZTW) - 317pts
9th Ng Wei Quan - 288pts
10th Dominic Quek (H-Energy, ZTW) - 272pts

P.Y.Tang and Chee Lip Keong, along with all the champions and qualifier in the F1, Super Stock Touring and Mini class, will be Team Singapore to challenge for the Tamiya Asia Cup thrones in Manila, Philippines on September 17-19, 2010. Congratulations to P.Y.Tang and Chee Lip Keong and see you in Manila!

H-Energy and ZTW podium at Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 6 Finale (August 15, 2010)

Another season ends as the Season Finale of the 13th Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Championships 2010 Round 6 took place at the Racecraft Race Complex. 4 classes were competed in F1, Super Stock Touring, Mini and the fastest class 4WD GT. Chee Lip Keong and P.Y.Tang finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 4WD GT Class to complete the season finale with podium finishes for H-Energy and ZTW.

In the 4WD GT Qualifying Leg 1 and 2, Chee Lip Keong held the TQ spot but in Leg 3, P.Y.Tang snatched the TQ honour after making changes to final drive ratio on his Tamiya TA05R. Jason Lee would start from 3rd qualifying position.

The A-Finals typically dominated by P.Y.Tang was a little different this time as Chee Lip Keong took the win in A1 followed by Hasron and HJ Quek. P.Y.Tang regained his composure by securing the A2 with a blistering run with Jason Lee finishing 2nd. It was down to final A3 where podium spots are up for grabs between P.Y.Tang, Chee Lip Keong and Jason Lee. With a slow start at the tone, P.Y.Tang dropped to 2nd when Chee Lip Keong blasted through the first corner to move into 1st. Jason Lee followed closely in 3rd. Contact by Jason Lee at the left hair-pin dropped P.Y.Tang all the way down in the pack. Chee Lip Keong led the race with Jason Lee reeling down the leader, while P.Y.Tang was gaining some grounds to the leaders in every lap. The position stayed the same until the very last lap, when all P.Y.Tang and Jason Lee caught up to Chee Lip Keong. Under some pressure, Chee Lip Keong went wide at the right hand sweeper allowing Jason Lee to take the inside line, but just not enough for P.Y.Tang to gain a spot. Final A3 ended up with Jason Lee taking 1st, Chee Lip Keong 2nd and P.Y.Tang 3rd. Overall win by Jason Lee is his first in the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying in Singapore, with Chee Lip Keong overall 2nd and P.Y.Tang overall 3rd, in the season finale at the Round 6 of the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010.

Final Top 3 Standings 4WD GT:
Jason Lee - Tamiya TA05IFS (Orca) - 3pts
Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya TA05R (H-Energy, ZTW) - 3pts
P.Y.Tang (TQ)- Tamiya TA05R (H-Energy, ZTW) - 4pts

Chee Lip Keong(right)

P.Y.Tang (right)

Jason Lee uses the Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C in his Tamiya TA05IFS.

Chee Lip Keong uses the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C High Performance LiPo and ZTW 60A ESC Version 2.0 in his Tamiya TA05R.

P.Y.Tang Tamiya TA05R is equipped with the H-Energy 5000Mah 35C LiPo and ZTW 60A ESC Version 2.0 in his Tamiya TA05R.

For more information on H-Energy, ZTW and Orca products, please visit or contact us at