Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday Night Fever Mini-Z Gathering coming soon on May 27, 2010 @ Quantum

Every last Thursday of the month, we will do a 'bragging rights' race. Yes, Free RACE! This also gives you a chance to tune up your cars for the Quantum Mini-Z Series, get together, share tuning tips, chit chat and have fun in general.

First was held on April 29, 2010. The next will be this Thursday on May 27, 2010 at 8pm. Format are simple, 2 Qualifying 1 Finals. No rules.. anything 1/28th scale and No race fee!! No trophies too just have bragging rights but we are giving prizes for the top 3 drivers!

So what are you waiting for? grab your mini-z and head on down for fun!

Come get it!

A special surprise for all Mini-Z racers @ Quantum!!! Look out for it!

TRP Scale MOSLER MT900 in stock now @ Quantum!

TRP Scale MOSLER MT900 now in stock.

Please contact Quantum Racing Hobby for more info or visit www.quantumracing-rc.com

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ZTW and H-Energy topped 1-2 in 4WD GT Class at Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying 2010 Round 3 (May 23, 2010)

The Round 3 of Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying 2010 was held at Stargek Paya Lebar. P.Y.Tang of ZTW and H-Energy topped the qualifying in the 4WD GT group with 25laps 5:00 clocking the fastest lap of 11.3s. Chee Lip Keong secured second qualifying position at 24 laps 5:02 with best lap of 11.8s. In the Final A1, P.Y. secured 1st easily followed by Kevin Wong and Hasron (ZTW), while Chee Lip Keong suffered a broken steering linkage and dropped to the bottom list. In the Final A2, it was P.Y. who suffered from a broken C-Hub after hitting the corner marker hard before the transponder line letting Chee Lip Keong to take 1st in Final A2. It was down to the Final A3 to decide the champion, with P.Y. took the holeshot but found himself battling 1st with Jason Lee from 4th position. Jason Lee took the lead on lap 8 when P.Y.Tang was held up by backmarkers. P.Y.Tang was then pressuring and hard on Jason's tail which saw Jason hit a corner marker letting P.Y. to cruise back for the win and overall 1st. Chee Lip Leong stayed his cool and finished 3rd in Final A3 to secured 2nd overall. Both P.Y.Tang and Chee Lip Keong uses the ZTW 60A Version 2.0ESC and H-Energy 5000Mah 7.4V LiPo in their Tamiya TA05R

P.Y.Tang have recently tested the new ORCA Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and the ORCA Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo to run in his open modified races, but have confirmed to use the ZTW ESC 60A Version 2.0 and H-Energy LiPo for the rest of the TAC season. P.Y. chose to run ZTW in this TAC season because of the ESC powerful acceleration and adjustable powerband that is more suitable for TAC type technical race circuit, and he is very happy with the performance and the new small size of the ZTW 60A Version 2.0 ESC and the consistent and reliable power from the H-Energy LiPo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo @ Quantum

Thank you for supporting ORCA!

New stocks will be arriving in early June 2010! Pre-booking starts now @ Quantum Racing Hobby. Please contact enquiries@quantumracing-rc.com for more info...

New Product Arrival - Kyosho Mini-Z Auto Scale @ Quantum

Kyosho MZP325XN Mini-Z Autoscale RM Xanavi Nismo Z 2007

Kyosho MZX203G Mini-Z Auto Scale McLaren F1 GTR Gulf Racing #24 Body Set

Now available at Quantum Racing Hobby at Block 2, Balestier Road, #03-647 S320002. While stock lasts! Call +65 92260024 for more details...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR-03 Ferrari F430 GT No.78 Team AF Corse LM 2007 now in stock @ Quantum

Now available at Quantum Racing Hobby at Block 2, Balestier Road, #03-647 S320002. While stock lasts! Call +65 92260024 for more details...

Monday, May 17, 2010

P.Y.Tang and Orca debuts podium finish at FEMCA ISTC 2010 1/10th Electric Touring Car Championship in Brunei (May 16, 2010)

This year's FEMCA ISTC 2010 1/10th Electric Touring Car Championship was held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam at the landmark of Indoor Stadium Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex. The event was held from May 13-16, 2010.

P.Y.Tang of Quantum Racing Hobby debuts his Orca products at the event with his Tamiya TRF416X. He used the new ORCA Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and ORCA Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo to power his Tamiya in both the Stock and Modified Class. It was a best 3 out of 6 rounds of qualifying that took place on Saturday and Sunday. In the Stock Class, P.Y. qualified in 4th which saw him to be conservative in motor gearing and ESC settings due to lack of time for testing as the motor was handed out late on Friday. But during the A-Main Finals, P.Y. increased the profiles in the ESC and chosen a more aggressive gearing that he managed to go faster and secured a podium spot in 3rd overall. He regretted not using the same aggressive settings during the qualifying rounds as the ESC and Motor was still running very cool during the finals.
In the Modified Class, P.Y. managed only to qualify A-Main 6th from the grid using a 6.5T motor. In the Modified A-Main Finals, P.Y. chose to run back the 11.5T motor which saw his laptime improved and was in the contention for a podium spot, but it was too late which he suffered from some bad luck of being hit in the A-Main finals and dropped to 7th overall.

In both stock and modified classes, Orca new Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo proves its power and success in the new software. K.S.Chu of Malaysia who was also using the Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo finished top overall in the Modified Class using a 11.5T motor.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quantum Racing Hobby and H-Energy signs Ken Ng from Malaysia

Quantum Racing Hobby and H-Energy signed Ken Ng from Malaysia to run the newest range of H-Energy LiPo 5500Mah 50C. Ken is one of the top driver in Malaysia, hometown in Johor. He will be testing the newest H-Energy 7.4V 5500Mah 50C LiPo to prepare for his upcoming races in 1/10 EP On-Road Touring Car races. Initial testing on the LiPo by Ken is very positive as he agreed that the LiPo gives out high punch and consistent power without any drop or changes in the power band for a duration of 5-minutes which a racer need to finish a race consistently. Ken will also be running the new H-Energy LiFe 6.4V Tx Pack for his Futaba 4PK transmitter.
Congratulations Ken!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 3 @ Melville Park Condo Simei (May 9, 2010)

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 3 was held at Melville Park Condo in Simei, Singapore. It was another successful event by Quantum with over 30 entries in total featuring classes of 2WD Stock, 2WD Open and F1 Open. In the 2WD Stock qualifying, it was some close battle with Azmi taking the TQ spot at 43 laps 8:03, followed by P.Y.Tang at 43laps 8:06 and Jeff Cheong from Mini-Z Dynasty at 43 laps 8:09. In the 2WD Modified qualifying, Jeff Cheong took the TQ spot at 45 laps 8:06 with his blistering speed MR-03, followed by Azmi and Esmail at 44 laps and 43 laps respectively.
In the 2WD Stock A-Main Finals, Azmi could not hold on to his TQ spot allowing Jeff to finish on top overall while in the 2WD Open Finals, in was the other way around where Azmi snatched the 1st overall from TQ Jeff Cheong.

2WD Stock A-Main
1st Jeff Cheong (Mini-Z Dynasty)
2nd Azmi (TQ)
3rd Daniel Chee (PN Racing, R1Wurks, Reflex Racing)

2WD Stock B-Main
1st Fred (ACT)
2nd Din
3rd Raymond T.

2WD Open A-Main
1st Azmi
2nd Jeff Cheong (TQ) (Mini-Z Dynasty)
3rd Esmail (PN Racing, H-Energy, Reflex Racing)

F1 Open A-Main
1st Azmi
2nd Jeff Cheong (Mini-Z Dynasty)
3rd Esmail

In the debut feature of F1 open class, it was a 61 laps count-down for 5 F1s to cross the chequered flag. It was a close fight between Azmi and Jeff Cheong again changing leads multiple times during the gruelling 61 laps endurance race. In the the closing final stage, Azmi managed to overtake Jeff Cheong and managed to hold on to finish in first position, followed by Jeff and Esmail.

Thanks to all the participants for the supporting the event, and again, thanks to all the sponsors (PN Racing, R1Wurks, Reflex Racing, H-Energy and Eastgear) for contributing the lucky draw prizes.

We hope to see you again and those who have been missing the fun, join us in Round 4 at Toa Payoh West CC on June 6, 2010!

More photos and videos will be posted soon in Quantum Racing Hobby Facebook.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 3 is on tomorrow May 9, 2010! @ Melville Condo Simei

Come on down to watch us or join us at our Round 3 of Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 at Melville Condominium in Simei. Track layout is confirmed and race is on!
For more info please contact Quantum Racing Hobby.

Watch the race at No.12, Simei Street 1 Singapore 529940

Monday, May 3, 2010

Orca New Vritra Pro-Spec ESC and Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo are in stock at Quantum Racing Hobby!

New product arrivals at Quantum Racing Hobby. Orca new Vritra Pro-Spec ESC is one of the most popular ESC that provides racers with the top of the edge technology in the linearity feel and power, at an affordable price. The new Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo pack adds to the exhilirating power. Do visit us at Quantum Racing Hobby or browse at our convenient Quantum Racing Hobby Online Catalog at www.quantumracing-rc.com

P.Y.Tang, H-Energy and ZTW TQ'ed at Batu Pahat Whatever Solution RC Challenge 2010 (May 2, 2010)

During the Labour Day weekend, Whatever Solution hosted their first RC race in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. It was a challenging track indeed as the surface is very rough causing high wear rates on the tires, and the most unforgiving track to the chassis due to bumpy long straights. Ride height had to be raised to 6mm to 8mm in some of the drivers. An increased in ride height would hurt the balance of the car but it would be a compromise to finish top in the race. In the Qualifying Round 3 P.Y.Tang secured his TQ spot by topping the rest with the only "would be 22 lappers" with 21 laps 4:55 as he did not pass the finish line due to some miscommunication with the race director at the end of the heat. The next contender qualified at 21 laps 5:01. In the Finals, P.Y.Tang managed only to finished 3rd overall as partly due to worn out tires which he used only one set of Sorex 40R for the entire race. P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF416X was powered by the reliable ZTW 120A ESC and H-Energy 5000Mah 35C.