Monday, January 31, 2011

New Q-Shop Interface @ Quantum!

Dear valued customers and fans,

We have just switched to a new interface on our website! We hope that you have enjoyed the previous interface and is looking to serve you better and more efficient with our new interface.

We are still trying to populate our inventory list and get the website up to speed, estimating by first week of February 2011. Do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion on the new outlook and we are always looking to improve our customer service! Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer your old account information into the new website so we would appreciate if you could re-register again.

For the current outstanding orders, do not worry! We have your orders processed and will be monitoring it manually. We apologize for the inconveniences caused. if you have any questions regarding your order, you can email us at

Thank you and see you all soon!

Quantum Racing Hobby staff

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orca Dominates the 13.5T and 17.5T Class at the 2011 Canadian On-Road Nationals! (January 23, 2011)

The 2011 Canadian On-Road Nationals Indoor Carpet RC race showcase the best RC racers in Canada. The 2011 event was held in the centre court of the Seaway Mall, Welland, ON from Jan 21-23, 2011.

Team Orca USA brought us the good news that Martin Crisp, Andrew Hardman and Keith Yu dominated the event with the TQ honor and 1st, 2nd and 3rd podium for the 13.5T and 17.5T Open Rubber Class.


13.5T Open Rubber
1st Martin Crisp (TQ)
2nd Andrew Hardman
3rd Keith Yu

17.5T Open Rubber
1st Martin Crisp (TQ)
2nd Keith Yu
3rd Andrew Hardman

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roy JJ of Singapore to run H-Energy LiFe Receiver Pack for 2011 season

Roy JJ of Singapore will run the new H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah Hump Pack Type 2 in his Serpent 811 for the 2011 season supported by Team H-Energy and Team Quantum. Roy JJ has been testing and using the H-Energy receiver pack since 2010 and will continue to powered his Serpent by H-Energy. The H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah Hump Pack Type 2 is slightly different in size, compared to the Type 1, is designed for a perfect fit in the Serpent 811 battery box. Roy JJ has won numerous regional 1/8 buggy races including the recent win at the Thunder Tiger Cup in Malaysia. We look forward to support Roy JJ in developing the H-Energy product in the region.

For more information on the H-Energy receiver pack, please visit or contact us at

Exotek XR3 and 416XL LiPo Chassis Back in Stock @ Quantum

For more information, please contact or contact us at

Orca Podium for Modified Class at Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge Series 4 Grand Final (January 9, 2011)

P.Y.Tang (left)

The Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge Series 4 was held on January 9th in Singapore. This is the final series and the points from this race is a compulsory for the series accumulated points. Orca completed the final podium spot by P.Y.Tang in his Orca powered Xray T3'11. Despite disruption by on and off rain, the race was able to complete after a long day. In the Modified Class, qualifying was a tight fight between the top 4 all clocking at 21 laps. Nicholas Lee took the TQ spot followed by Alvin Koh. E.C.Wee shaved 7 seconds from his previous race to qualify 3rd ahead of P.Y.Tang in 4th. Alvin Koh took the win in Final A1, while P.Y.Tang took the win in Final A2. It was down to the Final A3 that the champion was crowned as the race was wide open for Nicholas Lee, Alvin Koh and P.Y.Tang. A cleaner start in Final A3 saw all drivers stuck at the original position where it started off, except P.Y.Tang able to pass E.C.Wee for the 3rd spot, and Nicholas Lee won the Final A3. E.C.Wee had some mishap during the Final A2 dropping him down the table and out of contention for the podium, but finished in a respectable 4th.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings A-Main (Modified):
1. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya 416X
2. Alvin Koh - Tamiya 416X
3. E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca
4. P.Y.Tang - Xray T3'11, Orca
5. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 417, H-Energy
6. Ali G - Hotbodies TCX
7. Hasron - Yokomo BD5
8. Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca
9. Jason Lee - Tamiya 417
10. Quek HJ - Xray T3

E.C.Wee (left)

Top 10 Final Standings A-Main (Modified)
1. Alvin Koh - Tamiya 416X - 3pts
2. Nicholass Lee - Tamiya 416X - 3pts
3. P.Y.Tang - Xray T3'11, Orca - 4pts
4. E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca - 8pts
5. Hasron - Yokomo BD5 - 9pts
6. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 417, H-Energy - 11pts
7. Ali G - Hotbodies TCX - 11pts
8. Jason Lee - Tamiya 417 - 15pts
9. Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca - 17pts
10. Quek HJ - Xray T3 - 18pts

P.Y.Tang Xray T3'11 uses the Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca Infinite 5500 50C LiPo, Orca RX2 5.5T Professional Brushless Motor, Orca Power Boost and Orca 16V Capacitor Plate.

Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC settings:
FDR: 8.16
Timing: 9
Turbo Delay: 0.05
Turbo Timing: 36
Turbo Interval: 2
PWM: 32K
Drag Brake: 2%
Brake Force: 30%
Brake Frequency: 1.5KHz

Monday, January 10, 2011

Orca clinched 4th by Azri Amri at Futaba Cup 2011 (January 9th, 2011)

Azri Amri (right) with fellow countrymen Halim Hafni(left)

It was reported by ORCA that Azri Amri of Team Orca had taken A-Main 4th in the Open Brushless Class at the Futaba Cup 2011. Powering his Kyosho TF6 using the Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and Orca Infinite 6000 60C LiPos, Azri Amri powered his way into the A-Main. The Open Brushless Class was won by Atsushi Hara, followed by Jilles Groskamp, Surikarn and Azri Amri. Orca powered Azri Amri at 13.8s fastest lap was one of the only 5 drivers who made laptimes below 14 seconds. Congratulations to Azri Amri and Team Orca for the great results, and we look forward to perform better at the upcoming TITC!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Huge R/C Product available soon @ Quantum!

Huge R/C Product, the new brand from 2002 ISTC World Champion Surikarn Chaidajsuriya, will be in stock soon @ Quantum!

You can now get high quality ceramic bearing sets for both the Xray NT1 (19 pieces) and T3 (14 pieces). These bearings are lighter and harder than the standard steel versions and have minimal friction for a smoother and freer drive train. More ceramic bearing sets will be available soon. Other product range from Huge R/C includes LiPo batteries, CA Glue, Spring Holder, Thrust Bearings, Ceramic Diff Balls and many more to come.

Be the first to own a Huge R/C Product!

For more information, please visit or contact us at

H-Energy LiPo 6000Mah 60C 7.4V High Performance LiPo coming soon @ Quantum!

Just a quick feel on how the new H-Energy 6000Mah 60C 7.4V High Performance LiPo looks like, it will be available in end January 2011. Talking to H-Energy drivers, they are very excited on this new product and will be looking forward to use it in the Thailand International Touring Car Championships 2011 in Bangkok. The first test of the 6000Mah 60C showed that the LiPo still has its original feature of consistent powerband to its predecessor, just with another 10-20% more power! We hope to see this H-Energy LiPo battery in action soon.

For more information, please visit or contact us at

Litemodz Design TQ and 1st at Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge Series 2010-11 Series 3 (December 26, 2010)

Leonard Sim recently TQ and finished 1st for Super Stock Class at the Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge Series 2010-11 Series 3 in Singapore. Leonard Sim used the new Litemodz Design CVS (Constant Verlocity Shaft) in his TOP Photon. According to Leonard, the CVS eliminates front tires chattering reducing front tire wear and increases cornering speed. He added that before, the front tires wear rate was higher than the rear, but after changing to CVS, the rear tires wear rate is faster now comapared to the front tires. The new CVS raises the standard of transmission bringing our scale cars into the 21st Century by utilizing the technology as used on pretty much all modern day full size cars. We will be seeing more great results from Litemodz in the upcoming races in 2011.

Congratulations to Leonard Sim and Litemodz Design in claiming the victory!

Xray-Orca claimed 2nd and 3rd at Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge Series 2010-11 Series 3

From left: E.C.Wee, Nicholas Lee, P.Y.Tang

Series 3 of the Racecraft Infinity On-Road Challenge 2010-11 was held on December 26, 2010 at Racecraft Race Complex in Singapore. The race was postponed which was supposed to be two weeks earlier due to rain. The qualifying started off with Nicholas Lee setting off the fastest pace and remained fastest from round 1. P.Y.Tang unable to get used to the Orca Vritra and RX2 powerplant as the 5.5T turbo was just too powerful for the small size track. Tuning down the powerband and some changes to the spring setups, P.Y.Tang was able to cut laptimes down on round 3 but unfortunately he caught behind a backmarker in the mid straights causing valuable time loss. E.C.Wee took Q2 which he ran a consistent run in round 3.

Top 10 A-Main Qualifying Standings (Modified Class):
1. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya - 21 laps 5:02.474
2. E.C.Wee - Xray, Orca - 21 laps 5:10.169
3. P.Y.Tang - Xray, Orca - 21 laps 5:12.445
4. Hasron - Yokomo - 20 laps 5:03.705
5. Kevin Wong - CEFX - 20 laps 5:04.990
6. Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya, H-Energy - 20 laps 5:07.629
7. Desmond Tan - Xray - 20 laps 5:10.701
8. James Ki - Xray - 20 laps 5:10.701
9. H.J.Quek - Xray - 20 laps 5:14.071
10. Paul Lok - Tamiya - 19 laps 5:02.140

Nicholas Lee took an easy win for Final A1 and A2, while P.Y.Tang now managing a faster pace was busy trying to pass E.C.Wee for 2nd position in all three finals. As E.C.Wee was very consistent on his laptimes, it was pretty tough for a pass by P.Y.Tang. After some close battling and swapping position, P.Y.Tang managed to finish ahead of E.C.Wee.

Top 3 A-Main Final Standings (Modified Class):
1. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya - 2pts
2. P.Y.Tang - Xray, Orca - 3pts
3. E.C.Wee - Xray, Orca - 5pts

P.Y.Tang's Xray T3'2011 uses the Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca RX2 5.5T Professional Brushless Motor, Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo, Orca Powerboost, Orca 16V ESC Capacitor Plate.

E.C.Wee's Xray T3 uses the Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca RX2 5.5T Professional Brushless Motor, Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ken Ng of H-Energy A-Main Finalist at Thunder Tiger Cup Off-Road Grand Final 2010 (December 19, 2010)

Ken Ng proved again the performance of the H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah 6.6V Receiver Stick Pack to be a reliable power source for his Xray 808 1/8 Nitro Buggy at the Thunder Tiger Cup Off-Road Grand Final 2010 in Malaysia, qualifying 4th in the A-Main. Ken Ng posted the 4th fastest qualifying time at 10 laps 5:06.080. TQ holder went to Roy JJ at 11 laps 5:26.035 who will also be switching to H-Energy receiver pack in the 2011 season.
Ken Ng started off well in the finals but having some trouble with his rear gear diff, dropping him down the pack, and finishing 11th overall in the A-Main.

H-Energy NiMh 6.0V Receiver Pack, New Arrival @ Quantum!

Standard NiMh receiver pack, H-Energy NiMh 1500Mah 6.0V Receiver Stick Pack for use in Nitro racing. Used by many racers around the world who have not converted to LiPo or LiFe technology, this receiver pack gives the racer a peace of mind.

Type: NiMh Receiver Pack Stick Type
Cell: 5-cells
Capacity: 1500Mah
Nominal Voltage: 6.0V
Size TxWxL: Approximately 17*28*83.5mm

For more information, please visit or contact us

H-Energy New LiFe Receiver Hump Pack Type 2 for 1/8 Serpent 811 Buggy @ Quantum!

New H-Energy 1400Mah 6.6V Hump Pack Type 2 in store now @ Quantum!

Specially designed for use in the 1/8th Serpent 811 Off-Road Buggy, it fits perfectly in the receiver pack box. High performance and high reliability LiFe technology eliminates the use of LiPo voltage regulator. Also suitable for other similar applications.

Type: LiFe Receiver Pack Hump Type 2 For 1/8th Gas Buggy or equivalent
Capacity: 1400Mah
Nominal Voltage: 6.6V
Discharge Rate: 5c
Size TxWxL: Approximately 29*30*56mm

For more information, please visit or contact us at

New H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah 6.6V Receiver Pack @ Quantum!

H-Energy introduced its new range of LiFe receiver pack stick type. Featuring a capacity of 1400Mah enough for a 1-hour race in nitro racing. Low nominal voltage of 6.6V eliminates the use of LiPo voltage regulator and also a much safer battery type.

Also suitable for Futaba 4PK, Futaba 4PKS and any 6.0V operating voltage transmitter.

For more information, please visit or contact us at

Tom Goh podium finish for H-Energy at the RCMC Singapore On-Road Race (December 19, 2010)

Tom Goh used the H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah 6.6V Receiver Stick Pack at the recent RCMC Singapore On-Road Race in both the 1/10 GP and 1/8 GP class at the PA Campsite Track in Singapore. Both H-Energy pack lasted well for Tom in the finals. Although Tom had some issues with engine flaming-out, he finished well in A-Main 4th in the 1/10 GP and A-Main 2nd in the 1/8 GP. Tom Goh added that the H-Energy LiFe is very consistent, have ran the heats and finals with no problem, with only about 15 minutes of charging time due to some time constraints. Tom also is happy with the new longer charging and balancer cable which makes things easier.
Congratulations again to Tom Goh and H-Energy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Limited Edition OrcaQ QX1 11.5T is back @ Quantum!

First look of the new Limited Edition OrcaQ QX1 Brushless Racing Motor 11.5T.
Featuring high power band with cool operating temperature.

Available in mid-January 2011.
Prebook yours now @ Quantum!

For more information, please visit or contact us at