Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Close Look In Silvio Hachler Winning ARC R8.0 at 2016 Jakarta Open

New ARC R8.0 Hard Arms available now @ Quantum!

ARC new formula Hard (H) arm set for R8.0/R8.0 2016/R8.0E. H type arm not only harder and also lighter (9.6g), stronger than standard arms, increases overall traction and stability. The hard front arm width come with 0.5mm wider then standard arm, while the hard rear low arm width come with 0.3mm wider then standard arm.

Silvio Hachler Winning ARC R8.0 Setup Sheet at 2016 Jakarta Open

ARC R8.0 Wins 2016 Jakarta Open

Team ARC Silvio Hachler took the top podium spot at the 2016 Jakarta Open in the 1/8th On-Road category. Organized by Toykar, the event was held at JITC or known as Jakarta International Twin Ciruit in Senayan, central Jakarta.

New ARC R11 Brass Suspension Block now available @ Quantum!

ARC R11 brass suspension block option part, use to increase weight 9g in front of front wheel axle. This setup allows more stability in car handling.

ARC R8.0 Wins 2016 Team C Open Hong Kong

Team ARC Ray Poon from Hong Kong wins 2016 Team C Open held at the TRC Circuit. Poon ranked 3rd after qualification rounds to start 2nd in Semi-A. Poon won the Semi-A with a perfect strategy on fuel stops. In the main final, Poon led from beginning to take the overall win, adding to other ARC 2nd, 6th and 9th overall.

ARC R11 Wins 2016 All-Japan Championships

Team ARC Sano wins the 2016 All-Japan Championships held at TM Circuit. Goto, Naoki and Kando also running an ARC finished 2nd, 6th and 10th overall respectively.

Toni Gruber ARC R8.0 2016 & BLITZ TS040 Setup Sheet at 2016 ENS Round 1 Bologna

ARC R8.0 made 3 A-Main Finalists in 2016 ENS Round 1 Italy

During the last weekend Round 1 of the 2016 Euro Nitro Series campaign was held at the L.Collari track in Bologna. With the race reduced to three days due to the very bad weather forecasts for the Sunday, at the end of qualifying ARC Nitro Italy driver Mattia collavo found himself in 10th position and managed to snatch a direct ticket for the A-Main!

Dirk Rischard Joins ARC

Dutch driver Dirk Rischard will be running the ARC R8.0 chassis in his 2016 racing calendar including the Euro Nitro Series. Below is what Rischard says about his new deal.

ARC R8.0 wins 2016 TopRC Track Masters Round 1 Italy

Team ARC Nejc Mihelic wins in Italy at TopRC Track Masters Round 1. New ARC signing Mihelic reported his winning below.

Toni Gruber ARC R8.0 2016 & BLITZ TS040 Setup Sheet at 2016 Campionato Italiano Costruttori, Fiorano

Alan Hewitt Joins ARC

Team ARC USA announced the signing of current 13.5 Reedy Race of Champions winner, Alan Hewitt. Alan will be using the ARC R11 chassis for the 2016 race season starting with the Reedy Race of Champions this month and also will attend the ROAR Paved Nationals, IIC and several international races including the AOC race. Here's what Alan has to say: 

Ludovic Leflon Joins ARC

Thailand-based Ludovic Leflon joins ARC. Below is what he has to say on his new deal.

New ARC Short Shock Spring in stock now @ Quantum!

New from ARC R11 option parts, the short shock springs available in three different rate, provides a more "natural' feeling compared to other springs in the market. Also suitable for other brands big bore shocks.

Silvio Hachler ARC R8.0 2016 Setup Sheet at 2016 ENS Round 1 Italy

ARC R11 wins 2016 Norwegian Indoor Nationals

Last race of Norwegian National indoor season held this weekend in Trondheim in the middle of Norway some 500km North of Oslo. The track was a good size but quite bumpy in the beginning. Our ARC cars performed well and Helge Johannessen took TQ with the R11 in front of Andreas Daving running Yokomo, Roy Gjemble with Schumacher. I was nr 4 with R11 and Geir Bjarte Terum 5th with R10 2015 Black Edition. After the finals Helge takes the win in front of Andreas and me with Geir on 4th.

ARC R11 wins 2016 Village Raceway Club Race

Austin Wolfe wins 17.5T Touring at the 2016 Village Raceway Club Race. Wolfe uses the ARC R11 to take the top spot, qualified in 2nd.

ARC CNC Spur 112T 64DP-Wide now available @ Quantum!

New from ARC is the wide CNC spur 112T for ARC R10, R10 2013, R10 2015, R10 2015 ATS and R11. Also fits other brand chassis, the wide spur provides better handling characteristics now available in 112T 64 pitch.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

NASA Mighty Gripper V3 Red Pre-Order now Free Shipping @ Quantum!

NASA Mighty Gripper V3 Red now available for pre-order with free shipping anywhere in the world! First batch delivery will be expected in from 3rd week of May with this promotion extended to May 31, 2016. While stock lasts!

ARC Rear Long Arm Suspension Block Set now available @ Quantum!

ARC new suspension block for ARC R8.0, R8.0 2016 and R8.0E, allows rear low arm to move inward on each side, providing more rear end traction and stability.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BLITZ GSF-II 1/10th EP 190mm Bodyshell now in stock @ Quantum!

Team Titan Blitz is proud to introduce the BLITZ GSF-II 190mm 1/10th sedan body. Building on the characteristics of the original, the GSF-II has been further refined to provide outstanding steering response and increased stability.