Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quantum Racing Mini-Z Speedway

Quantum Racing Mini-Z Speedway now in operation! Free track fee now until official opening of the showroom. Come and join us now @
Blk 2 Balestier Road
#03-647 Singapore 320002
(Intersection of Balestier and Thomson. Opposite of Thomson Medical Centre)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

ZTW and H-Energy TQ at Today's Market Last Race in Malaysia (December 20, 2009)

Trust Hobby held their last race of the year at the Today's Mart Race Track in Masai, Johor, Malaysia. In the modified class, Esmail topped the group with his superb driving in the qualifying round 3 to beat P.Y.Tang for the TQ spot by 1 second, the only two drivers that managed to clock 24 laps. Esmail Tamiya 416 is powered by ZTW 5.5R Brushless Motor and ZTW 5000 35C LiPo, while P.Y.Tang debut on the Tamiya 416X is powered by ZTW 120A ESC, ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor and H-Energy 5000Mah 35C LiPo.
In the photo above, A-Main qualifier from the left Esmail (ZTW), P.Y.Tang (ZTW, H-Energy), Samuel Tan (ZTW) and Tony Neo (ZTW)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quantum Racing Hobby Showroom Opening Soon!!!

We will be opening up a showroom very soon!
at Blk 2, Balestier Road #03-647 Singapore 320002
featuring a Mini-Z track facility!
Stay tuned and we will keep you informed!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

H-ENERGY product is now available at Swan Models & Trading Singapore

H-ENERGY is now available at Swan Models & Trading in Singapore.
Featuring the H-ENERGY 5000Mah 7.4V LiPo available in 40C and 45C for those who desires for ultimate power. Awesome power for the stock class and tremendous power to the modified class. Watch out for these high performance race packs that will blow you away in your local race track!
For more info and product range you can visit,
Swan Models & Trading
150 Orchard Road #02-40
Orchard Plaza, Singapore
+65 67325227

Monday, December 7, 2009

P.Y.Tang, ZTW and H-ENERGY did it ECG Super Series 2 1/10 4WD Off-Road at RCRC (December 6, 2009)

P.Y.Tang clinched Top Qualifying spot and 1st overall in the ECG Super Series 2 1/10 4WD Off-Road class on December 6, 2009 It was his first off-road race since 2003 and a well-fought title, with the power coming from his H-ENERGY 4500Mah 30C LiPo and ZTW 60A ESC, in the Tamiya TRF501X.

In P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF501X is his H-ENERGY 4500Mah 30C LiPo and ZTW 60A ESC.

Samuel Tan and ZTW wins, and P.Y.Tang H-ENERGY testing at the Happy Happy Race in Singapore (November 29, 2009)

Samuel Tan took the TQ position and wins 1st overall in the Happy Happy Race 1/10th Touring Car Modified Class, a 2-day event on November 28-29, 2009. Powered by ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo, he took an easy win over his rival and friend on his new X-Ray T3. P.Y.Tang on his Tamiya 416WE powered by ZTW 120A ESC, ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor and ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo took overall 2nd and the fastest laptime of 15.411sec.

1st Samuel Tan X-Ray T3, ZTW
2nd P.Y.Tang Tamiya TRF416WE, ZTW
3rd Azmi X-Ray 09

In the stock class, it was long-time racer Khamil that took the win in his X-Ray T3. P.Y.Tang in his brand new and first outing of the H-ENERGY 5000Mah 45C powered Tamiya TRF416WE took overall second with the fastest clocked laptime of 16.15sec together with his ZTW 60A ESC and ZTW 11.5R Brushless Motor. Samuel Tan X-Ray 09 powered by ZTW 5000Mah 35C took the 3rd placing in the podium finish.

1st Khamil X-Ray T3
2nd P.Y.Tang Tamiya TRF416WE, ZTW, H-ENERGY
3rd Samuel Tan X-Ray 09, ZTW

P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF416WEs
Modified Class (below); ZTW 120A ESC, ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor, ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo.
Stock Class (top); ZTW 60A ESC, ZTW 11.5R Brushless Motor, H-ENERGY 5000Mah 45C LiPo

P.Y.Tang powered by ZTW and H-ENERGY took TQ and another win in Malaysia! (November 1, 2009)

P.Y.Tang continues to prove his ZTW product by taking the top spot in qualifying and winning all 3 Final-A at the Today's Market J.B. Touring 1/10 EP Open Race Challenge in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on November 1, 2009. The Tamiya TRF416WE was powered by ZTW 120A ESC and ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor. This is also his second race testing on the brand new H-ENERGY 5000Mah 35C LiPo which delivers tremendous power on his Tamiya.

P.Y.Tang, ZTW and H-ENERGY wins at Total Hobby Grand Prix 2009 in Malaysia (October 11, 2009)

Total Hobby Grand Prix took place at the University Technology Malaysia in Johor Bahru on October 11, 2009. P.Y.Tang ZTW-powered Tamiya TRF416WE took another test towards the limit of the hot weather on an outdoor asphalt track. It was the same setup as previous where he uses the ZTW 120A ESC and ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor except he switched to H-Energy 5000Mah 35C LiPo. This would be the first test on a H-Energy product at a race event.

At a unfamiliar territory, P.Y.Tang only managed 3rd in the qualifying position after overgearing in the hot weather and suffered by high-wear on the tires. In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang managed to climb up to 2nd. In the Final A2, he managed to top the position and finished 4th in the Final A3. After a long hot day, P.Y.Tang clinched the 1st position overall on points.

Samuel Tan's ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo powered X-ray 09 had to retire early due to an accident just prior to the A-Finals, which he managed to qualified in 4th position.

P.Y.Tang and ZTW wins at the ECG 2009-2010 1/10 EP Series 1 On-Road Touring Car Modified Class (October 4, 2009)

P.Y.Tang clinched first overall at the local ECG 2009-2010 1/10 EP Series 1 On-Road Touring Car Modified Class that took place at RCRC on October 4, 2009. The Tamiya TRF416WE is powered by ZTW ESC 120A, ZTW 4.5R and ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo.

ZTW LiPo 5000Mah 35C and X-ray powered Samuel Tan took the 3rd podium spot.

ZTW LiPo battery wins at Racecraft TC Challenge 1 and 2 (July 26, 2009 and June 28, 2009)

Recent race results in Singapore proves the ZTW LiPo is indeed reliable and high performance.

P.Y.Tang secures the Top Qualifier spot at the Racecraft TC Challenge in June 28, 2009 using ZTW 3500Mah 25C LiPo to power his Tamiya TRF416WE.

ZTW LiPo repeated its success at the Racecraft TC Challenge 2 in July 26, 2009 with top 3 podium finishes all powered by ZTW LiPo 5000Mah 35C and ZTW 3500Mah 25C
1st Samuel Tan X-Ray 09
2nd P.Y.Tang Tamiya TRF416
3rd Chee Lip Keong TOP Photon

ZTW now available in Swan Models & Trading, Singapore

ZTW products are now available in Singapore local hobby store at
Swan Models & Trading
150 Orchard Road #02-40
Orchard Plaza, Singapore
+65 67325227
Tips: Look for Winnie..she is the most friendliest R/C shop boss around.

ZTW now found testing in Singapore!

Found testing on a local Singapore track...driven by P.Y.Tang on his Tamiya TRF416WE clocked an undisclosed fast laptime at RCRC track with his ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor powered by ZTW 120A ESC and ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo...will have to see more of these proven on the raceday!

QUANTUM RACING HOBBY became the distributor of ZTW products for Singapore and Malaysia

QUANTUM RACING HOBBY is proud to be the official distributor of ZTW product which offers inexpensive yet high performance sensored/sensorless electronics speed controllers, brushless motors and lithium-polymer batteries! Keep a look-out of these high potential products testing on the track!

World Renowned H-ENERGY batteries are in town now!

World renowned H-Energy is in town now!!! LIPO HIGH PERFORMANCE 7.4V 40C and 45C!! Best suitable for the desired power in the electric-powered stock class, and crazy enough for your electric-powered modified class! All H-ENERGY products are proven reliable in the factory and on track, and are all tested accorfance and passed the criteria of CE and RoHS certification, and ROAR Approved!

New Products for November in store now!

New products in store now!
1. H-Energy LiFe 1350Mah 6.4V Receiver Pack Stick
2. H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah 6.4V Receiver Pack Hump
3. H-Energy LiPo 5000Mah 7.4V 40C
4. H-Energy LiPo 5000Mah 7.4V 45C
5. ZTW Brushless ESCs and Motors
Aero Lighting Decals (Touring Car)
7. Team C Transmitter Stickers

Now in Stock! Aero Lighting Decals...Cool!!!

Now in stock...Aero Lighting Decals for the cool-look. Save your work on airbrush. For more info you can visit

Quantum Racing Hobby Tee-Shirt Available Now!

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Atomic VMII now in stock!

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