Monday, December 21, 2015

ARC Front Solid Axle-Steel now available @ Quantum!

ARC Front Solid Axle-Steel now available. The new option part is compatible for the ARC R8.0 and ARC R8.0E, and is generally most suitable in very low traction and very high traction track.

Pascal Knöller Joins ARC

Austrian driver Pascal Knöller joins ARC under MW RC CARS which he will be running the ARC R8.0 in his nitro races.

Collavo Mattia Joins ARC

Italian driver Collavo Mattia leaves Team Shepherd to join Team ARC for 2016 running the ARC R8.0. Below is what Mattia has to say on his new ride.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Exotek Exo-Six Alloy Bottom Plate 7075 now available @ Quantum!

Machined 7075 alloy bottom plate for the EXO-SIX chassis conversion. Polished, black anodized and laser etched for the full factory treatment. Intricately machined to reduce overall weight but retains stiffer chassis flex traits than the carbon fiber chassis and is 23gr heavier to insure the lowest possible cg for carpet racing. Excellent handling traits on both carpet AND asphalt.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ARC R10 & BLITZ GSF A-Main Finalists at 2015/16 Euro Touring Series Round 1 Czech Republic

Team ARC started off their new ETS campaign last weekend first off at Hrotovice, Czech Republic. With more than 160 drivers in the Xray Pro Stock, this class has just gotten much bigger and more competitive. Leading the growing ARC team this season is front runner Lars Hoppe, Helge Johannessen, Henrik Heitsch and Markus Kreder in the Xray Pro Stock, while Steven Weiss continues to compete in the Modified class.