Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Danial Miswan teams up with ARC Singapore

Joining as the 7th driver for Team ARC Singapore, young and talented Danial Miswan will be running the ARC R8.1 and R8.2 with Blitz racing bodies for the upcoming 1/8th nitro on-road racing in Singapore. Danial usually race in the 1/8th nitro buggy class but would take up the challenge in 1/8th on-road racing for the 2019 season. His first win was at the first round of the 2019 Racecraft Infinity Team Race in January using the ARC R8.1 2018 version. We welcome Danial Miswan to Team ARC Singapore.

ARC R8.1 Wins 2019 Racecraft Infinity Team Race

Racecraft Infinity introduced a different type of format in nitro racing, having 4 drivers in a team with 2 cars support each other as mechanic or drivers as they deem fit. A total of 7 teams in 1/8 On-Road and 5 teams in 1/8 GT signed up for one of the biggest entries for local nitro racing in a while. The race requires two 4-mins qualifying rounds, a 25-mins final and another 35-mins finals. Points from both qualifying to be counted for the grid and points from both finals decides the overall standings.

ARC-Muchmore dominated 2019 UTS Round 1

First electric race in Singapore of the 2019 season was held in Urban Playspace. The Urban Touring Series attracted a good number of entries to the first round including guests from Indonesia and Thailand. Two classes was competed for  17.5T blinky touring car and the Formula class.

ARC R8S Main Chassis 3mm available now @ Quantum!

New 3mm chassis for ARC R8S available now. The new chassis without battery adjustment slot, removed cutting slot the chassis will become harder and no more broken on the slot edge during impact.

Blitz GT3-GBS 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell now available @ Quantum!

The new BLITZ GT3-GBS 1/8 GT body shell was a newly modified version of previous GT3 body. The GT3-GBS modified the height of engine hood and the depth of A-pillar in order to meet the latest IFMAR GBS body rule. The GT3-GBS body also modified the front bumper edge.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Muchmore Option Rotors Approved for 2019 UTS Series Special Promotion @ Quantum!

Get the Muchmore option rotors MR-FZR19Z or MR-FZR21Z at 50% off when you purchase a Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 17.5T ER motor. Both option rotors are on BRCA list and approved for the 2019 Singapore UTS series.

ARC R11 Bulkhead Alignment Block 20mm now available @ Quantum!

Coming from ARC is the recent trend in bulkhead alignment tool for the ARC R11. The tool allows perfect alignment of the bulkheads during assembly to eliminate tweaks and hence a more efficient drive train.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Blitz TS050 1/8th On-Road Racing Body now available @ Quantum!

The long awaiting latest Blitz 1/8th on-road racing body TS050 is ready now. The TS050 has been testing since last year in many races and a lot of track time, The TS050 was designed to give steering and overall stability. It was also designed to fit both 1/8 Nitro and Electric chassis. With the special design 6pcs body stiffeners and installation locations. It provides this TS050 a very durable and consistent body dimension and performance.

Muchmore Diff Analyzer now in stock @ Quantum!

Muchmore Diff Analyzer now available. This product is for checking 1/12, 1/10 Pancar, 1/10 Touring, 1/10 F1, 1/8 scale RC cars ball or gear diff hardness. To use this product, you need a micro 5 pin and USB power. Include a 7mm wheel adapter.