Wednesday, December 22, 2010

H-Energy TQ and Win Modified Class at Brunei PEMKAR 1/10th Electric Championship 5th Series (December 19, 2010)

Wirawan Hamidoon from Brunei has informed us that he had TQ and won the Modified Class at the Brunei PEMKAR 1/10th Electric Championship 5th Series on December 19, 2010. It was a convincing win from the H-Energy driver. As rain disrupted the race during the finals, the event was cut short to announce the winners.

Congratulations to Wirawan Hamidoon and H-Energy!
Wirawan Hamidoon uses the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C High Performance Lipo for all his electric touring car race.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Team Durango DNX408 Kit is now in stock @ Quantum!

Part No: TD102002

As you would expect from Team Durango, precision, quality and performance are the hallmarks of the DNX408. 1/8 scale nitro buggy racing makes the toughest demands of any RC car racing class, so Team Durango have designed a car that is as strong as it is fast!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Xray T3'11 parts in stock now @ Quantum!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Azri Amri of Orca is Malaysian National Champion 2010! (December 5, 2010)

(From Left) Eric Ma, Azri Amri, Michael Lo

Azri Amri of Orca is the Malaysia National Champion 2010, giving Orca another championship in Malaysia. Michael Lo took the 2nd runner-up in the championship for Orca as well, while Eric Ma from Penang secured 1st runner up.

Congratulations to Azri Amri and Michael Lo for taking the win and podium for Orca!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Litemodz Design now available @ Quantum!

Quantum Racing Hobby is proud to introduce you another RC Quality and Performance product from Litemodz Design.

Litemodz Design advanced design racing products offers the popular CVS constant velocity, CVA Drivesharfts, Spools, Shock Piston, Titanium Screws and many more. Litemodz Design is available for Corally, Hotbodies, Losi, Schumacher, Serpent, T.O.P., Tamiya, Team Associated, Xray and Yokomo.

The new CVS raises the standard of transmission bringing our scale cars into the 21st Century by utilizing the technology as used on pretty much all modern day Full size cars.

The advantage of running constant veolcity driveshafts has been well known for nearly the last 100 years and it is a major factor in maintaining wheel compliance with the ground.

The new shaft provides constant velocity equalising input and output shaft speeds reduces wheel vibration to a minimum providing a much smoother transmission increasing steering and overall grip levels on the car by reducing unwanted tyre scrub.

Using the CVS in both the front and rear of the car provides a more stable and precise car that is easier to drive with the added benefit of improving transmission wind up and tyre wear.

The potential benefit of running constant velocity drive shafts can be seen when looking at the standard UJ.

Theoretically a motor spinning at 40000 rpm with a gear ratio of 7 to 1 will produce a wheel speed of 5714 rpm. At zero angle this will remain at 5714rpm. However introduce angle into the joint and it begins to fluctuate. It is common to run with the drive shafts with some angle given the ride height to diff height toe angle and camber. At 30 degrees (front) the speed fluctuation will be approximately 29% giving an actual speed fluctuation of: 1657 rpm which occurs twice per revolution in both directions.

5714 45 rotation accelerating
7371 90 rotation decelerating
5714 135 rotation accelerating
4057 180 rotation decelerating
5714 225 rotation accelerating
7371 270 rotation decelerating
5714 315 rotation decelerating
4057 0 rotation accelerating
5714 45 rotation

This can produce excessive tyre wear and load the transmission wearing drive shafts, cups, pulleys and belts.
At the same time the rear of the car will also produce some results. Assuming 3 degrees toe in and a shaft operating angle of some 10 degrees there will be an approximate speed fluctuation of 3 %.
That is +/- 171 rpm again in both directions.
Since the suspension on the car is relatively soft every time that car leans in a corner the speed fluctuation is increased maybe up to as much as 12% assuming the angle is now operating at close to 20 degrees.
This is as much as 685 rpm.

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Orca TQ and Podium at 2010 US Indoor Championships (November 28, 2010)

Andrew Hardman (in pic)

Martin Crisp (left)

12-years old Andrew Hardman TQ and finished 2nd Place for Orca in the 17.5 Stock Spec ESC Class at one of the largest event of 2010 US Indoor Championships in Cleveland, while Martin Crisp of Orca completed the podium spot in 3rd Place for the TC 17.5 SS Open ESC Class. A Thanksgiving tradition, the event was hosted in the Holiday Inn in Independence with hundreds of entries and 14 classes to compete in TC 17.5 Stock Spec ESC, 1/12th Open Masters,TC 17.5 SS Open ESC, 1/12th 17.5 Stock Open ESC, 1/12 17.5 Stock Open ESC, 13.5 World GT, 1/12 13.5 SS, TC Mod, 1/12 Open Mod, Formula One, 17.5 Tour Stock Oval, SST A-Main Truck Oval, 1/12 10.5 Oval, 13.5 COT Oval and 10.5 Pro Oval. Both Andrew Hardman and Martin Crisp was powered by the Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC.

Congratulations to Andrew Hardman and Martin Crisp, and a great result for Orca!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Orca TQ and win ProStock Class at the Malaysia National Championship Round 3 (December 5 ,2010)

Azri Amri (left)

Michael Lo (left)

We were notified that Azri Amri of Team Orca has TQ and won the ProStock Class at the Malaysia National Championship Round 3 in Kuala Lumpur. The race was held at the Titiwangsa Speedway at Titiwangsa Lake located in the heart of the city. The track layout for this round was known as the "Kampung" layout. Azri Amri TQ the ProStock 11.5T/10.5T Class, and winning the A-Main. Azri Amri was also crowned as the Malaysia National Champion 2010 by topping the group in point standings. Michael Lo also completed the podium spot for Team Orca finishing 3rd in the A-Main ProStock 11.5T/10.5T Class.

Azri Amri and Michael Lo was powered by the Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca Infinite 6000Mah 60C LiPo and a combination of OrcaQ QX1 11.5T Brushless Racing Motor and Orca RX2 10.5T Professional Brushless Motor.

Top 10 Final A-Main Standings(ProStock 11.5T/10.5T)
Champion: Azri Amri (TQ) - Orca
2nd Eric Ma
3rd Michael Lo - Orca
4th Norazam
5th Zuki
6th Nilai Chong
7th Shahrin
8th Yap Chew Kong
9th Suah
10th Nik Ejan

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Orca RX2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor Test @ Racecraft Infinity

P.Y.Tang have recently tested another Orca range motor, this time the Orca RX-2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor. The Orca RX2 6.5T was equipped in the Xray T3 for the Racecraft Infinity track in Singapore. A comparison was also tested to the Orca RX2 5.5T, both motors with turbo boost on. The Orca RX2 5.5T was definitely faster on the long straight but the Orca RX2 6.5T was a little easier to drive in the in-field with more consistent and tighter driving lines. The powerband on the 6.5T was much nicer to drive at a small size track. Both fastest laptime were recorded at the 14.2sec on a hot sunny day. The top end speed of the Orca RX2 6.5T was also slightly faster than any 4.5T motor on the long straight. The Orca electronics were running very cool where the Orca Vritra ESC was recording at about 50degC, Orca RX2 5.5T at 65degC, while the Orca RX2 6.5T barely reaching 55degC. A motor fan was mounted during the race. The Orca engineers did a great job in the development of these Orca combinations providing a more efficient and lower operating temperature electronics.

Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC Settings for Orca RX2 6.5T*:
Final Drive Ratio: 7.6-7.9
Timing: 21
Turbo Delay: Off
Turbo Timing: 36
Turbo Interval: 2
PWM: 32K
Drag Brake: Off
Brake Freq: 1KHz

*settings may not be suitable for other brand of motor.

Equipment on the Xray T3:
Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC
Orca RX-2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor
Orca Power Boost
Orca Infinite 6000Mah 60C and 5500Mah 50C
Orca 16V ESC Capacitor Plate
Sweep EXP 40R
Protoform LTC-R
Hara Super Soft Springs
Sanwa M11X

Orca podium the EP Pro Class at HPI All Asia Final 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand (December 5, 2010)

Marcus Choo (in pic)

Annual HPI All Asia Final 2010 took place in Bangkok's RC City, the newest RC track just completed recently. Marcus Choo of Singapore took his Orca powered Hotbodies Cyclone TCX to the A-Main in the EP Pro Class and finishing 2nd overall. The EP Pro Class runs the 13.5T brushless motor with 8-minute run. This is the first time that the Orca Infinite 6000Mah 60C 7.4V LiPo was featured in HPI All Asia and we congratulate Marcus Choo finishing in the podium. Marcus Choo added that it was a tough race and he was very staisfied with the performance of the Orca Inifinite LiPo which gave him consistently high punch throughout the 8-minute run. In the EP Sports Class, Shawn Chow from Singapore also made it to the A-Main using the Orca Infinite 6000Mah 60C LiPo in his Hotbodies Cyclone TC finishing a respectable A-7th.

Congratulations to Marcus Choo and Shawn Chow!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Q-Shop Christmas Promotion: Up to 70% Off on Selected Item @ Quantum!


Christmas Promotion is now on Q-Shop. Products up to 70% discount on selected items. Check out the sales in the Special category and enjoy great savings today!

Promotion ends December 31, 2010. While stock lasts!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Avid Racing Concepts: New product range @ Quantum!

Quantum Racing Hobby is proud to bring you another quality brand from Avid Racing Concepts.

Avid RC has been racing at the top level winning over 24 National level races in offroad nitro/electric, onroad nitro/electric, and even drag racing nitro/electric around the globe. Avid RC consist of the the most talented and pleasant racers to be around. Their 2010 Avid Racing Team includes big names such as Adam Drake, Jason Ruona, Ty Tessmann, Ryan Cavalieri, Travis Amezcua, JR Mitch, just to name a few.

Some of the products that is available from Avid Racing Concepts are the Revolution Ceramic Series Bearings. These are a low friction bearing with several options to help satisfy anyone's desire. What makes this bearing unique is that it has a rubber seal on one side while having a metal shield on the other. Instead of the steel balls they use silicone nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4). Rubber seals are great protectors against dirt but the price is that they offer a little more friction due to the tighter seal. Now the performance of a metal shield is excellent but allows dirt to get in easily. So with the Revolution series, you run the rubber side towards the outside and the metal towards the inside. You get the protection of the rubber but the added performance by having one less rubber seal. But you don't have to stop there, if you are truly performance oriented and want the least amount of friction then your in luck. You can quickly pop off the rubber seal with an x-acto pen knife and place the metal shield facing outward in your hubs. This is the best performance you could attain while maintaining some protection from dirt.

Products that are available from Avid Racing Concepts includes ceramic bearings, standard metal bearings, ceramic diff balls. thrust bearings, engine bearings and brake pads.

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