Monday, June 28, 2010

H-ENERGY Team Driver wanted! Singapore, Brunei & Malaysia

H-Energy by Quantum Racing Hobby is looking for a suitable candidate from each country of Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia to represent H-Energy product as a sponsored Team Driver. He/She must be active in the R/C scene in either 1/10th Electric Car, 1/10th Electric Drifting, 1/10th Electric Off-Road, 1/10th Gas On-Road or 1/8th Gas Off-Road.

Important Pre-conditions:
1. You need to have a well-balanced racing experience including reasonable good results on at least national competition level.
2. You need to work in a straightforward, goal-oriented manner.
3. You need to understand and to practice teamwork.
4. You need to understand and to practice loyalty.
5. You are able to have FUN in RC hobby and you are able to create a “general good feeling” about R/C in a helpful manner to all competitors, spectators and teammates.

If you think you are the one and would like to join H-Energy and Quantum Racing Hobby as a Team Driver, please forward your complete resume with photo, specialty and recent race results to

Happy Racing!

H-Energy newest product 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo is available now at Quantum.

Quantum Racing Hobby is a proud distributor for H-Energy products in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

For more information on H-Energy products, please visit

Xray T3 first trial by P.Y.Tang at RCI

P.Y.Tang took a test at his new Xray T3 at Racecraft Infinity this past weekend. It was freshly build and right out from the box, P.Y. stated that the Xray T3 is very easy to drive and yet very aggressive which suits his driving style. The build quality is very good and fitting of parts are very easy and precise. Factory-assembled differential and front solid-axle made the build easier. With the stock setup, P.Y. managed to clock a fastest lap of 16.0sec at RCI. He did not change much setting on his Xray T3 except that he changed the stock 48-pitch to a 114T 64-pitch spur gear which he prefers the smoother feel. More testing will be done to fine tweak the settings of the T3 and the new electronics and battery from ORCA at RCI this week to prepare for the upcoming race in Malaysia.

Smokem Racing 416LP Chassis and 416 Steering Brace available now @ Quantum!

Smokem 416LP Chassis and 416 Steering Brace is now available @ Quantum!

Smokem Racing has developed a LiPo-specific chassis for the TRF416-series touring cars. By flipping the drive belts, the LiPo is offset further from the chassis centerline. While on the other side, the original servo mounts are flipped to move the servo closer to the centerline. The receiver and ESC can also be shifted further towards the centerline. The chassis retains the same longitudinal battery position as the 416 and 416X. At the same time, two lateral battery positions are available. The result is a balanced chassis with no additional weights required.

A common tuning trick on the TRF416-series chassis is to remove the factory aluminum steering bridge. Doing this increases flex in the front end which can give more steering. But in certain conditions, this can also make the steering too sensitive and decrease stability. Smokem Racing steering brace for 416-series is available.

Get one now! Visit and for more info, email us at

Thursday Night Fever June 2010 @ Quantum!

Thank you to all the participants that gathered at our monthly Thursday Night Fever on June 24, 2010. Another night of fun gathering and free race day at Quantum Mini-Z Speedway. We hope that you guys and gals enjoyed our free monthly race and gathering session. We hope to see you guys again soon at

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shop Updates - Relocation of Quantum Racing Hobby

Hello Mini-Z and Quantum customers,

Unfortunately, our retail shop and indoor track will be doing a major relocation starting July 1, 2010. The unforseen sudden news was due to the landlord reclaiming back the shop. During this period, retail sales and mini-z track will not be available at the shop. If you wish to know product information and purchase, please contact us at the followings,

Phone: +65 9651-8915

we will be gladly to service you. We will keep you up-to-date on further news when available.
Sorry guys for the sudden unfortunate news.
But nevertheless, thank you for the great support so far and we look forward to continue serving you as soon as we can.

For your information, today is Thursday Night Fever @ Quantum!
Come on down and join the fun and free race day!
See you guys there!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Orca and OrcaQ Products In Store Now! @ Quantum

ORCA VRITRA VC4 PRO-SPEC ESC with the programming of the ESC done through the included LCD programmer, there will always be an optimum setting for the motor you decide to use. Provide you with the smoothest and linear driving feel when you pull the trigger. Also support Sanwa FHSS Digital High Response System(R), and new ROAR Stock Spec LED indication system(0 timing)

ORCAQ Mini LiPo Balance Charger is an inexpensive entry level charger, features maximum 5A for the 2 Cell(7.4V) LiPo batteries and build in multi-protection system. One touch easy operation.

The ORCA PROFESSIONAL TOOLS, are base on the highest quality standard, with Titanium coating to provide high precise, lighweight, long life, durable and confortable handle. All Orca Professional Tools are 120mm in length.

- Tip 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm - Available in hex driver and ball hex driver
- Tip Philips Screwdriver PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2
- Tip Slotted Screwdriver 0.4x2.0, 0.5x3.0, 0.5x4.0, 0.5x5.0
- Tip Nut Driver 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 7.0mm
- Tip Multi-Hex Driver 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (4 in 1)

For more information of the products please visit or email us at

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ZTW and H-Energy tops 4WD GT Class at Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 4 (June 30, 2010)

Round 4 of the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 was held at Racecraft Infinity at the Bottle Tree Park. Four main classes of Super Stock, Mini, F1 and 4WD GT attracted over 50 entries in total.

In the qualifying rounds of 4WD GT Class, P.Y.Tang tops the group with the only 19 laps of the day at 5:15.276 with the fastest laptime of 16.188s, followed by Alvin Koh 18 laps 5:02.002 and Chee Lip Keong 18 laps 5:04.651.

In the 4WD GT A-Main Finals, P.Y.Tang outpaced the rest by winning all 3 finals, and setting another fastest laptime of 15.967s after some setup changes to make the car more aggressive. The 2nd overall position was still opened until the decisive Final A3 between Chee Lip Keong and Alvin Koh, which showed Chee Lip Keong's TA05R is much more powerful out of the corners and pressuring Alvin Koh right from the start of Final A3. Alvin Koh was able to stay calm closing every driving line not allowing Chee Lip Keong to pass, to finish 2nd overall.

4WD GT A-Main

1st P.Y.Tang (ZTW, H-Energy)
2nd Alvin Koh
3rd Chee Lip Keong (ZTW, H-Energy)

P.Y.Tang and Chee Lip Keong TA05R is powered by ZTW 60A ESC Version 2.0 and H-Energy 5000Mah 7.4V LiPo. Both drivers are very happy with the performance of the high punch of the ZTW ESC and the consistent power that the H-Energy LiPo delivers. ZTW high punch characteristics allows the stock motor to reach its top speed faster, and both P.Y. and CLK used profile 1 out of 4 for the Initial Acceleration setting.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Xray and P.Y.Tang teams up!

Xray and Hobby Link Singapore have annouced to team up with P.Y.Tang to run their Xray T3 1/10th Electric Touring Car. P.Y. will race the car at all open races around the region and internationally starting in July 2010. P.Y. is looking forward for the next race with his Xray T3 along with the Orca Vritra ESC TC Pro-Spec and Orca Infinite LiPo. He extended that although he will be driving an Xray, he is committed and hope to try his best to help and support all RC drivers including sharing setup tips or car setup help in order to boost up the RC community!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ken Ng and H-Energy wins again at Niko Cup 1/10 EP Touring Car (June 13, 2010)

Recently signed H-Energy driver Ken Ng took another win in the Modified Open class at the Niko Cup 1/10 EP Touring Car held in Senai, Malaysia on June 13, 2010. The huge and flowy gas-powered car race track is one of the high speed track in the southern side of Malaysia. In the qualifying rounds, Ken Ng had some differential problems in his Xray T3, but qualified in the second position. Jonest Wong running a Tamiya grabbed the TQ spot. In the A-Main Finals, Ken Ng buckled up by securing the title winning Final A1 and Final A2. Final A3 was cancelled due to heavy rain. This is Ken Ng second consecutive win after switching to the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo.

P.Y.Tang and Orca TQ and win at RCMC 1/10 EP Singapore Open Series 1 (June 13, 2010)

RCMC held their long anticipated 1/10 EP Singapore Open Series 1 at the PA Track at East Coast Park in Singapore on June 13, 2010. The track is normally used by 1/10 gas-powered touring cars. Therefore, the track is very high-speed and challenging. The corner markers were very challenging as slight touch would cause your car to roll and would even send your lanuching, as many drivers were having trouble manoeuvering these corners. The day started out hot and sunny, with 2 classes to compete in the Modified Open and Super Stock Touring class.

In the Modified Open qualifying heats, P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF416X was in control putting in clean and consistent runs, which he secured TQ position at 19 laps 5:08, one of the only 5 cars that managed 19 lappers. The qualifying position was followed by Joe Hwee, Barry Ng, Chee Lip Keong (H-Energy) and Allister Lim. In the A-Main Final 1, P.Y. on the pole easily powers out from the start of the tone. Joe Hwee was following closely but made a slight mistake after a few laps and P.Y.Tang outpaced the rest and cruised back to finish 1st. The Modifed Open A-Main Final 2 and 3 was cancelled due to heavy rain, and the final result was based from the Final 1. This is the second race that P.Y.Tang uses the new Orca RC products and he stated that he is very happy with the performance and high power the product delivers by the Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo. P.Y. would continue to choose Orca RC products to be his equipments for the Modified Open class.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 4 @ Toa Payoh West Community Club (June 6, 2010)

The Round 4 of Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 was held for the second time in the Toa Payoh West Community Club on June 6th, 2010. This race is by far the most registered entries in a total of 39 entries with 3 classes to compete in 2WD Stock, 2WD Mod and F1 Open. This race was sponsored by Quantum Racing Hobby and Toa Payoh West Community Club. It was a rainy Sunday, but luckily Mini-Z happens only in indoor!

During the event, a small side track was setup to attract newcomers into the hobby of Mini-Z and the response was fairly good with many parents supporting their kids into the fun and games of Mini-Z racing.

In the 2WD Stock class, Allister Lim cruised to victory in his MR03 to TQ and overall win.

In the 2WD Modified Class, it was Allister Lim again to take 1st after battling 3 finals with TQ position Jon Han.

In the gruelling 10-minutes Final of F1 open, Azmi (TQ) went on to take the win which was the fastest F1 on the track lapping everyone else.

Congratulations to all drivers and many thanks to all the drivers who participated the race. Hope to see you all again in Round 5 of Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 in the month of July. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Robitronic AVID v2 Touring Car Kit available soon @ Quantum! Pre-order starts now! Be the first to grab a Robitronic!

Robitronic Avid v2 Touring Car Kit is coming soon to Quantum!

There can be only one winner … The Robitronic AVID v2 is the logical successor of the approved and well-tried competition car AVID. Robitronic solely determined with victory, presenting the new AVID v2, the top sedan that simply leaves nothing to be desired!

The AVID v2’s completely symmetric chassis layout facilitates careful and precise setup work, while its adjustable flex for both, front and rear end makes it perfectly suitable for any track conditions.

Large ball diffs and oversized wheel bearings keep service intervals low and durability at the max - an absolute must for the hot modified racing class.

Uncompromising lightweight design employing premium quality materials, lowest possible CoG and sufficient room to fit the most popular rc-components are the cornerstones of Robitronic’s new AVID v2. In other word: pure racing fun!


*New and fully symmetrical chassis design and drill holes for perfect weight and flex distribution
*Easily customizable chassis flex setup for front and rear end.
*Even more reduced chassis weight
*Efficient dual-belt driveline featuring extra flexible and durable drive belts
*Extra large pulleys for minimal friction and maximum power handling capability
*All drivetrain parts are engineered with a light-weight design in mind reducing rotating masses and increasing acceleration.
*Lightweight aluminum ball diff in the rear, including extra large balls for supreme smoothness, durability and power handling.
*Spool on the front end.
*Hardened universal joints with replaceable drive blades for minimum wear
*Self locking wheel hubs
*Specially designed “anti-wobble” spur gear retainer for the best possible concentricity.
*A multitude of setup options for the steering and suspension geometry (camber, toe, caster, roll centre, width, wheelbase and many more) cater for the best possible setup under any conditions.
*Improved and better centered CoG for an unparalleled on-track performance.
Durable hub carriers, cnc-machined from premium grade alloy
*Oversized wheel bearings for even lower friction, tighter clearance and better longevity
*Ultra slim 2,5mm carbon chassis featuring the new AVID v2’s lipo-enabled design.
*Generous cutouts for perfect motor cooling
*The symmetrically cut and elongated upper deck now rests even lower.
*Ultra lightweight aluminum bulkheads feature an easy access (removing only 4 screws) to the diff and the spool.
*Easy access to the spur gear and main shaft
*CNC-machined alloy steering knuckles with a ball raced carbon steering link featuring optimized ackermann geometry.
*Ultra tough and newly designed 3mm carbon shock towers.
*Two battery retainer options: comfortable alloy brackets or uncompromising glass fibre tape.
*Precisely interlocking suspensions blocks made from high grade alloy.
*Newly designed anti-roll bars and mounts
*Oversized ball studs and “zero backlash” rod ends
*PTFE coated alloy shocks feature ultra smooth suspension movement and long wear.
*The motor mount is seperated from the bulkheads

* Length: 360mm
* Width: 188mm
* Wheelbase: 252-260mm
* Internal gear ration: 1.77
* Toe in (front): 0°~ -3°
* Toe in (rear, inboards): 0°~ -3°
* Kickup: -3°~ +3°
* Anti-Dive: 0°~ +3°

Pre-order a Robitronic AVID v2 Touring Car Kit now @ Quantum!

Limited quantity available for the first batch and no worries, full parts support readily available.

Please contact Quantum Racing Hobby Pte Ltd at Block 2, Balestier Road, #03-647 Singapore 320002 or visit for more info.

Quantum Mini-Z Series 2010 Round 4 is on! Come join us at Toa Payoh West Community Club

This is the track layout for the Quantum Mini-Z Series 2010 Round 4 at Toa Payoh West Community Club on June 6th, 2010! The track layout design will be similar to the PN Racing Regionals 2010 that will be held in Singapore in September 2010. So this is your chance to come test out the track and also have fun!

For registration, please visit,

or contact Quantum Racing Hobby Pte Ltd at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ken Ng and H-Energy TQ and wins at Trust Hobby Racing Xray Malaysia Cup Open Race Series 2 (May 23, 2010)

Ken Ng completed his second win at the Trust Hobby Racing X-Ray Malaysia Cup Open Series 2. In the qualifying rounds Ken Ng had some close fight with Bernard Lee and James Ki with all top 3 doing 25 laps. Any mistake would jeopardize their qualifying positions. After 3 qualifying rounds, Ken Ng managed to top the groups with 5sec to spare, and setting the track record fastest lap of 11.601sec. In the finals, Ken ng showed his cool with winning all 3 finals. Ken Ng debuted the race with the new H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Power LiPo Pack. Ken is happy with the performance of the H-Energy LiPo Pack so far which he states that the power is good and enough to finish the whole race with consistent power while he saw other competitors sufferring from power drop after the 4-minute mark.
Congratulations to Ken Ng!

New Mini-Z outlook @ Quantum

Dear Mini-Z Racers,

Quantum have relocated the indoor track in the shop to provide you a better experience in racing or setting up your car. The track will be of more technical and more fun! Bring your Mini-Z and come on down at our retail store and indoor track at Block 2, Balestier Road, #03-647 Singapore 320002 (Opposite of Thomson Medical Center) or visit us at or