Friday, October 25, 2013

Team ARC Singapore reports on 2013 Raceworks Elite Class Series

Leonard Sim reports on 2013 Raceworks Elite Class Series just ended in September, which is a new racing concept introduced by Raceworks in 2013 in an attempt to create the "F1" of 1/10 Touring class. Leonard Sim and Nelson Lee formed up Team ARC Singapore for the 2013 series debuting the ARC R10 race car.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ARC TQ and win at One Lug Alabama

Fernando Gordinho managing to TQ and take the win in 17.5 stock at One Lug Alabama. Congratulations to Fernando and ARC!

EXOTEK Performance Parts for Xray XB4 now available @ Quantum!

Showed in photo is the XB4 Wing Mounts 7075 Orange. Heavy duty 7075 alloy wing mounts for the Xray Xb4. Anodized in your choice of glossy black or Factory Xray orange. Extra durable but machined to be lightweight..

Monday, October 21, 2013

EXOTEK New Performance Parts for Kyosho RB6 now available @ Quantum!

Showed in photo is the Exotek RB6 C-Hub Set, 7075 Red. This part is made from heavy duty 7075 precision machined alloy. Machined down to 7 grams per SET but much stronger still then the stock hubs.
The Hubs are polished, anodized in Kyosho factory red and laser etched for easy left right identification.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

ARC R10 2013 is Vice-Champion in Korean Nationals 2013

Kibon Koo (left in pic) took 2nd at the Korean Nationals 2013 with his ARC R10 2013. Finishing first was E.C.Kim and Ahn in 3rd.

P.Y.Tang joins Team ARC-TiTAN-BLITZ

P.Y.Tang joins new team after 2013 race season ended. Below is what he has to say.

Summary of ORCA results at the 2013 IIC

Here are the great results that ORCA achieved this year at the 2013 IIC!

ORCA podium in TC 13.5 at IIC 2013

Team ORCA Andrew Hardman finished in 3rd place at the 2013 IIC TC 13.5 Class. Andrew's ORCA-powered Yokomo puts up a strong fight in the finals to earn a respectable podium spot!

Friday, October 18, 2013

BLITZ podiums at 2013 ROAR Nitro On-Road Nationals

BLITZ Race Body powered by Paolo Morganti took 2nd in his 1:8 Serpent S977 and 3rd in his 1:10 Serpent S747 at the 2013 ROAR On-Road Nationals. Congratulations to Blitz and Paolo!

BLITZ TS030 TQ & 2nd in Romanian Nitro Cup

John Ermen TQ and and 2nd in the Romanian Nitro Cup using the Blitz TS030 in his Xray RX8.

David Spashett joins Team ARC and Team TiTan

David Spashett joining the Team ARC/TiTan Factory Team. With the Support of Team Titan and Zen-Racing will be using the ARC, Titan and Blitz range of products for the 2013-2014 season. 

ORCA Champion 3 years in a row in Superstock TC 17.5 at 2013 IIC

Team ORCA finishing top in the Superstock TC 17.5 at the 2013 IIC. Eric Anderson of Xray took the crown. ORCA has taken champion for the Superstock TC 17.5 in 2011 (Andrew Hardman), 2012 (Mike Haynes) and now 2013 (Eric Anderson)!

ORCA takes 1st & 2nd in World GT 13.5T at IIC 2013

ORCA 1-2 finished in the World GT 13.5 class at the 2013 IIC where Craig Xavier took TQ and 1st, while Tony Block finished 2nd in the A-Main. Both drivers are using the ORCA VX1 Esc and the ORCA TX 13.5T motor. Congratulations to Craig and Tony!

ORCA TX 21.5T sweeps podium in F1 Class at IIC 2013

ORCA TX 21.5T motor sweeps podium 1st, 2nd and 3rd in F1 Class at the 2013 IIC. Congratulations to Mario, Brian and Dave!

ORCA podiums 1:12 13.5T at IIC 2013

Team ORCA podiums at 2013 IIC 1:12 13.5 class with Eric Anderson finishing in 2nd and Max Kuenning 5th in the A-Main. Both drivers using the ORCA VX1 Esc and ORCA TX 13.5T Roar Spec motor! Congratulations to Eric and Max!

ORCA VX sweeps 1st, 2nd & 3rd in 17.5 TC at 2013 IIC

ORCA VX ESC came in sweeping 1st, 2nd, 3rd at the 2013 IIC in the 17.5 TC class.

Team ORCA podiums Modified Class in IIC 2013

Team ORCA did a fantastic job at the 2013 IIC Modified Class with Team XRAY/ORCA Alexander Hagberg finishing 3rd and Andrew Hardman from Team Yokomo/ORCA finished 6th in the A-Main, both using the ORCA VXX speedo. Congratulations to Alexander and Andrew!

Team ORCA's Alexander Hagberg 1st Runner Up 1:12 Modified at IIC 2013

Team Xray/ORCA's Alexander Hagberg finished 1st Runner Up at the 2013 IIC in Modified 1:12 class using the new XRAY X12 equipped with the ORCA VX1 speedo, ORCA RX2 4.0T and ORCA 6500 80C 1S Lipo. Congratulations to Alexander Hagberg!