Thursday, April 29, 2010

T.O.P. Racing Products is coming to Quantum Racing Hobby

Quantum Racing Hobby have added another brand into its product line bringing you T.O.P. Racing including car kits, full part support, accesorries and nevertheless, Quantum's top customer service at your fingertip!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Special Promotion April/May 2010 @ Participating Hobby Shop

Please check with your local distributor Quantum Racing Hobby and participating dealers at Swan Models and Hobby Link.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P.Y.Tang of H-Energy and ZTW & Daniel Chee of H-Energy tops again at Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 2 (April 18, 2010)

P.Y.Tang took a convincing win in the GT Class at the Round 2 of Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying at the Racecraft Race Complex. P.Y. did not get a clean run in Heat 1 and Heat 2 due to some radio inteference. In Heat 3, P.Y. managed to solve the glitches when he went on to take the TQ spot at 18 laps 5:08 with the closest rival Kevin Wong at 18 laps 5:19 powered by Tekin RS Pro. P.Y.Tang continued to win all 3 Finals without a glitch with his Tamiya TA05R powered by H-Energy 5000Mah 35C LiPo and ZTW 60A ESC Version 2.0 Stock Spec. More races to come with this new ESC.

GT Class

1st P.Y.Tang (TQ) (ZTW, H-Energy)
2nd Kevin Wong (Tekin, Orca)
3rd Hasron (ZTW)
4th Wei Qian (Hobbywing, H-Energy)
5th Jonathan Chia (Tekin, H-Energy)
6th Chee Lip Keong (ZTW, H-Energy)
7th Colin Tong (ZTW, H-Energy)
8th Wei Quan (Hobbywing, H-Energy)
9th Quek HJ (ZTW, H-Energy)
10th Yew Siang
11th Dominic Quek (ZTW, H-Energy)

In the F1 Class, Daniel Chee of H-Energy grabbed TQ spot and tops the class to take the win for Final 1 and Final 2 after some tough fight with Allister Lim. Daniel's Tamiya F104 was powered by H-Energy 4000Mah 25C LiPo Pack. That's two in a row now for Daniel and H-Energy!

P.Y.Tang Finished Overall 2nd (Shared) Modified Class at ECG Group Series 4 1/10 EP On-Road (April 11, 2010)

The last run of the ECG Group Series took place at the Racecraft Race Complex in Singapore. P.Y.Tang finished overall 2nd shared points in Modified Class with Samuel Tan, while Nicholas Lee finished in 1st overall. P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF416X was overpowered by his rival in the whole race and managed only to qualify in 3rd, behind Nicholas and Samuel. In Final 1, P.Y. secured 2nd place when he took advantage of a slow start by Samuel Tan. Nicholas went on to win Final 1. In Final 2, it was more of a routine run for top 3 places within their qualifying position, 1st Samuel, 2nd Nicholas and 3rd P.Y. In the Final 3, P.Y. managed to maintain 3rd while Nicholas took the win over Samuel in the last lap. P.Y.Tang took a respectable overall 2nd shared position, his Tamiya TRF416X powered by H-Energy 5000Mah 35C LiPo and ZTW 120A ESC and ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor proved to be reliable which was the only electronics set he used for the whole series and season of 2009 to 2010.

Quantum Racing Mini-Z Series 2010 Round 2 @ Valhall (April 11, 2010)

Quantum Mini-Z race series round 2 was a success and it was held at Valhall in Kallang. It is a place for Floorball enthusiasts. The place is open for the public and private, holding workshops and camps for school ranging from Primary to Tertiary levels for Floorball. This sport has been picking up pace in the Asian region.

In the qualifying rounds for 2WD Stock Daniel Chee secured the TQ in Heat 3 with 51 laps. Daniel's MR03 was powered by PN Racing, Reflex Racing and R1Wurks. The closest contender, Allister Lim came close to beat Daniel's timing but had to settled for 2nd. Daniel would start on pole, followed by Azmi, Esmail and Allister.
In the finals it was a close fight between Daniel, Allister and Esmail. In Final 1Daniel took a comfortable 1st, and Allister and Esmail finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively. In Final 2, Daniel's MR03 suffered a broken servo gear while Esmail took the win. It was down to the Final 3 that decided the winner. Allister Lim was on a blistering pace to finish 1st and Daniel could not pass him to take 2nd. All top 3 drivers were on the same points and the standing was counted on the throw away finals. Esmail came out with the win in his MR02 powered by H-energy batteries, followed by Allister 2nd and Daniel 3rd.

2wd Stock Class

1st Esmail (PN Racing, Reflex Racing, H-Energy, Maha)
2nd Allister (H-Energy)
3rd Daniel Chee (TQ)(PN Racing, Reflex Racing, R1Wurks, Maha)
4th Azmi
5th Tony Neo (PN Racing, Reflex Racing, R1Wurks, Maha)
6th Daniel Chow

1st Raymond Tan
2nd Raymond Teong
3rd Danial
4th Faizal
5th Fazli

In the 2WD Modified Class it was no less than exciting as the 2WD Stock class. Long time Mini-Z fan Jon Han made a last minute appearance and led a fast pace immediately. In the qualifying, Allister took the top spot followed by Jon and Azmi. In the Finals, Allister Lim took the win easily by winning Final 1 and 2 and sat out the last. Jon and Azmi fought out for the 2nd position in the end Jon took 2nd and Azmi 3rd overall

2wd Mod Class

1st Allister (TQ)(H-Energy)
2nd Jon Han
3rd Azmi
4th Esmail (PN Racing, Reflex Racing, H-Energy, Maha)
5th Daniel Chee (PN Racing, Reflex Racing, R1Wurks, Maha)
6th Tony Neo (PN Racing, Reflex Racing, R1Wurks, Maha)
7th Raymond Teong

Congratulations to all the drivers and all of them had an enjoyable race with good lucky draws to boot. Thank you to PN Racing, Reflex Racing, R1Wurks, H-Energy and Eastgear for their support to make the event successful

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Join us then for the next race on May 9th, 2010 at Simei Melville Condo. Don’t miss it!!