Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Promotion on AMBrc Personal Direct Powered Transponder @ Quantum!

Special Promotion on AMBrc Personal Direct Powered Transponder @ Quantum!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

P.Y.Tang of Xray and Orca TQ and win Trust Hobby Racing Xray Malaysia Cup Series 3 (July 25, 2010)

The Xray Malaysia Cup for Series 3 was organized by Trust Hobby Racing in Malaysia. With recent resurfacing work on the layout, this track has medium to high traction depending on the time of the day and consider one of the most technical track in Southern Malaysia. Entries up to three mains would battle out for the 1/10 EP Modified Touring Car class to see P.Y.Tang TQ and win the class with his Orca equipped Xray T3.

Qualifying started with many struggling with the morning low traction, but it was P.Y.Tang Xray T3/Orca who set the pace at 24 laps 5:01:137, followed by Jonest at 24 laps 5:10.104, and newcomer E.C.Wee Xray T3/Orca at 23 laps 5:00.755. As the traction got higher coming into noon time, and a reduce amount of tire additive saw P.Y.Tang recording fastest single laptime of 11.777s, with a TQ run on Heat 2 at 25 laps 5:06, 2 seconds off the track record set by Ken Ng of Xray T3/H-Energy. Bernard Lee jumped to 2nd from the grid barely missing 25 lapper at 24 laps 5:01.211 after resolving a loose differential problem on his Xray T3. Jonest in his Tamiya 416X would start 3rd from the grid qualifying 24 laps 5:04.620.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers
1st P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca - 25 laps 5:06.215
2nd Bernard Lee - Xray T3 - 24 laps 5:01.211
3rd Jonest Wong - Tamiya TRF416X, H-Energy - 24 laps 5:04:620
4th E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca - 24 laps 5:09.615
5th Barry Ng - TRF416X - 24 laps 5:10.585
6th Allister Lim - Hotbodies Cyclone TC - 24 laps 5:13.553
7th Jazz CK - Yokomo BD5 - 23 laps 5:00.946
8th Hasron - Yokomo BD5 - 23 laps 5:05.192
9th Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 416X - 23 laps 5:06.723
10th James Ki - Xray T3 - 23 laps 5:08.849

The three leg finals saw some great racing as Bernard Lee and Jonest Wong matching the pace on pole position P.Y.Tang. In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang got off to a good start but was suffering from low traction as there was a delay to the start causing the tires cooling down. Bernard Lee second from the pole started off with sliding sideways but managed to maintain his position. Bernard was able to reel in the front car but as tires warmed out for P.Y.Tang, he was able to pull away and take the win for first leg. In the second leg, it was a more interesting race as top 3 swapped position for a few times. P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee got off the starting line battling out with Jonest Wong following closely behind in 3rd. Halfway through, P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee had a slight contact just before the left sweeper, allowing Jonest Wong to pass, but while leading, Jonest was held up by a backmarker. P.Y.Tang retake the lead and went on to take the chequered flag for second leg and the overall win. Jonest Wong took 2nd and James Ki 3rd completed top 3 in second leg. Bernard Lee had to retire after his battery dumped. As P.Y.Tang already secured 1st overall, the podium would still be up for grabs between Bernard Lee, Jonest Wong, James Ki and Jazz CK. At the sound of the tone, P.Y.Tang and Bernard Lee pulled away, while Jonest Wong in 3rd found himself pressuring by 4th position E.C.Wee, and Allister Lim lurking back in 5th looking a way to pass. On fresh rubber, Bernard Lee was able to pass P.Y.Tang at the 1-minute mark. P.Y.Tang regained the lead on lap 7 when Bernard Lee unable to keep his line, but on lap 20, P.Y.Tang had to retire from a stripped spur gear. Allister Lim caught up and took the win for third leg as Bernard Lee was suffering from battery problem and James Ki again finished in top 3 from 10th position.

Final Standings Top 10
1st P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca - 2 pts
2nd Bernard Lee - Xray T3 - 4 pts
3rd Jonest Wong - Tamiya TRF416X, H-Energy - 5 points
4th James Ki - Xray T3 - 6 pts
5th Allister Lim - Hotbodies Cyclone TC - 8 pts
6th E.C.Wee - Xray T3, Orca - 9 pts
7th Jazz CK - Yokomo BD5 - 11 pts
8th Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 416X - 11 pts
9th Barry Ng - Tamiya 416X - 12 pts
10th Hasron - Yokomo BD5 - 16 pts

P.Y.Tang Xray T3 is equipped with the new and improved Orca Vritra TC Pro-Spec 160Amp ESC and Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C LiPo.

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 5 @ Atomic Collective (July 25, 2010)

Round 5 of Quantum Mini-Z Cup was held at Atomic Collective. They have generously sponsored their place for this event. Turnout for this event was pretty decent and in this race we see some new (old) faces.

Stock Class saw some intense racing between series leader Azmi and our guest from Malaysia, Jeff and the new (old) Roy Chong. Roy was about to upset the the top 2 drivers with some very slick driving. Ultimately, TQ goes to Azmi. In the Finals, Jeff found some additional power and manage to take the win for the 1st and 2nd Final. 3rd final went to Azmi and 2nd overall. Roy despite his best efforts manage to settle for 3rd.

Mod Class was another class act. Again in the qualifying, championship leader Jeff was unable to produce the form he has and narrowly lost TQ position to Azmi. In the finals, Azmi showed what true form is about and comfortably took 3 wins in all the Finals. Jeff has nothing to show and scrape for overall 2nd and Fred from Atomic Collective 3rd.

Final Results:

Stock Class

1. Jeff (PN Racing)
2. Azmi (TQ)
3. Roy Chong (PN Racing, R1wurks)
4. Zamil
5. Fred
6. Daniel (PN Racing, R1wurks)
7. Darryl

Mod Class

1. Azmi (TQ)
2. Jeff (PN Racing)
3. Fred
4. Osman
5. Daniel (PN Racing, R1wurks)

Overall point standings are uploaded on RCTech Forum at,

Stay tuned for more updates on the last and final round 6 of the Quantum Mini-Z Cup.

Orca 16V ESC Capacitor now in stock @ Quantum

ORCA present the powerful capacitor for the ESC. Fitting for 1cell - 2cells LiPo and 2cell - 3cell LiFe, improve the ESC performance especially in stock class EP touring car racing.

Product.No. ORC-OC47016V

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Top ace Wirawan Hamidoon from Brunei joins H-Energy

Top Ace Wirawan Hamidoon from Brunei signs with H-Energy. He will act as the spokesman of H-Energy in Brunei to promote the product and share the knowledge of the professional battery supplier. As a Military Helicopter Pilot, Wirawan started R/C in 1998 flying aeroplanes and helicopters, and switched to R/C cars in 2003 racing 1/10 gas-powered touring car, and 1/8th gas-powered buggy, and in 2008 1/10 electric-powered touring car. Wirawan have won numerous R/C competitions in the regional and international level, including 1/10th and 1/8th onroad nitros (Kyosho cups, HM Sultan's birthday cups, National series cups, PEMKAR cups) and 1/10th EP onroad Touring Car modified and stock class. (1st ever indoor Carpet National Race, GHL outdoor race). Recent event of FEMCA ISTC 2010 saw him TQ'ed both modified and stock class, taking 1st in stock and 4th in modified class. Wirawan's next races will be Brunei regional races, FEMCA nitro race in Hong Kong this October and also next year TITC in Bangkok Thailand. Stay tune to see him in action with the new H-Energy 5500Mah 50C High Performance LiPo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robitronic Avid v2 Drifting Debut at Tampines Carnival

(Watch for the orange bodyshell car in the YouTube video)

Presenting the new Robitronic AVID v2, the top sedan that simply leaves nothing to be desired!

The AVID v2’s completely well-balanced, symmetric chassis layout facilitates careful and precise setup work, while its adjustable flex for both, front and rear end makes it perfectly suitable for touring and drifting.

Large ball diffs and oversized wheel bearings keep service intervals low and durability at the max with an absolute must for the hot modified racing class and intense high-rev drifiting.

Uncompromising lightweight design employing premium quality materials, lowest possible CoG and sufficient room to fit the most popular rc-components are the cornerstones of Robitronic’s new AVID v2.

Look out for the upcoming drift competition debut for the Robitronic Avid v2 at the HPI Drift Challenge 2010 Round 5 of 8 @ Kovan Hub 25th July 2010!

Tom Goh of Team Xray NT1 Singapore confirms to run H-Energy!

Tom Goh has officially confirmed to run the latest technology of H-Energy LiFe Receiver Pack on his Team Xray NT1. Tom started testing out the H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah Receiver Stick Pack since early this year and is very pleased with the performance of the pack. He stated that the receiver pack is very reliable with long run-time and provides consistent power to the demanding servos. The LiFe pack is the new generation of battery technology which has very low discharge rate compared to NiMh, and is much safer than LiPo. The use of 2S LiFe at 6.4V also eliminates the use of voltage regulator providing some relief for gas car drivers. Tom Goh recent achievements with H-Energy were Podium at Singapore Invitational 2010, 2nd for 1/10th and 3rd for 1/8th, and mutiple TQ, Wins and Podium at Singapore Edam Open Challenge 2010. We wish Tom success in the upcoming races with Team Xray and Team H-Energy!

Xray Racing News on Xray Website...The Art of Performance

Quantum Racing Hobby - H-Energy and Robitronic is proud to introduce its newest Team Driver, Kenny Wu from Singapore

Quantum Racing Hobby and H-Energy is proud to introduce their newest Team Driver, Kenny Wu from Singapore. Kenny will be using H-Energy High Performance LiPo in his new Robotronic Avid V2 in his drifting competition. In the R/C scene for about 17 years now, Kenny has been involved in a lot of racing including Electric-Powered 1/10th scale buggy, touring car and drifting. Kenny started drifting in 2007 and currently own D-Evolution hobby store located at Sengkang Community Club Level 1 (Push Cart) with a vision to promote and increase the drifting communnity, and very active in holding many drifting competition and events around Singapore. Some of Kenny Wu's achievement including the 2006 Tamiya Asia Cup Singapore Qualifying 6th placing overall in Stock Touring, and 2009 HPI Drift Challenge 3rd overall.
Congratulations to Kenny Wu!

Rained out at the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 Round 5 (July 18, 2010)

Much awaited by many excited drivers for Round 5 of the Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifying Singapore 2010 ended up cancelled due to heavy rain. 4 classses were to be competed in Super Stock, F1, Mini and 4WD GT attracted almost 50 entries but it turned out to be dissapointed for some drivers who are still challenging for championship points to be able to qualify for the Tamiya Asia Cup 2010 in September at the Philippines.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Safety comes first! New Fuxion Lipo Safety Bag in store now @ Quantum

The Fuxion LiPo Safety Bag is one of the essentials to have when using Lithium-Polymer Battery. The LiPo Safety Bag prevents Lithium-Plymer Battery charging and storage mishap which may result in fire, personal injury and property damage, that you already may have heard of recently. The LiPo Safety Bag is portable and lightweight. Two sizes are available 23x30cm and 18x23cm.

To get one of this Fuxion LiPo Safety Bag, please visit

Ken Ng and H-Energy A-Main Finalist at Malaysia National Championship EP Round 1 (July 11, 2010)

Ken Ng of H-Energy finished A-Main 6th in ProStock 11.5T class at the Malaysia National Championship EP Round 1 at the Kota Raja Track in Klang, Malaysia just outside of Kuala Lumpur. With a total of 30 entries in the ProStock 11.5T, it was the most popular contested class in Kuala Lumpur. Although having some bad luck with his electronics, Ken Ng managed to qualify into the A-Main and finished at a respectable and hard-fought 6th overall.

Ken Ng uses the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo to power his Xray T3.

Orca domination in ProStock 11.5T at Malaysia National Championship EP Round 1

Round 1 of the Malaysia National Championship EP was held in Kota Raja Track in Klang, Malaysia. This track is considerably large with Round 1 layout to be high speed and flowy, with a few technical section, including the fast chicane in front of the driver's stand. This round was a one-sided affair where the new OrcaQ QXI 11.5T Brushless Motor was the talking point in the ProStock Class 11.5T. The new motor from Orca is one of the fastest 11.5T motor seen so far with at least 10% higher KV than most 11.5T brushless motor. Tires and inserts choice was another major concern among drivers where the old surface with medium traction and high wear rate proves to be very challenging. Tires and inserts choice is open to any brands but only 2 sets of tires are allowed for qualifying rounds, and an additional set can be used for the A-Main.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New ORCAQ QX1 Brushless Motor 11.5T @ Quantum!

Introducing the new QX1 11.5T Brushless Motor from ORCAQ powered by ORCA, Asia Exclusive. This is a must have 540 size brushless motor for the highly competitive stock class!

Stock is limited! Pre-booked yours now @ Quantum!

For more information, please contact or visit our website at

P.Y.Tang, Xray and Orca gets it done at Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified (July 4, 2010)

P.Y.Tang from Singapore successfully claimed victory at the Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified at UTM Skudai in Malaysia. The local asphalt UTM track is a very challenging track which is a high-speed flowy track with medium to high traction. Bumpy sections and high-wear to rubber tires are the major concern among the drivers. The race is a two-day event, but most drivers were unable to do their practise runs due to bad weather on Saturday. Having tested the Xray T3 for only 2 weeks, P.Y.Tang Xray T3 debut was delighted with his qualifying rounds on Sunday despite being 2nd from the pole, where he felt his new Xray T3 stock setup was very easy to drive and very responsive to his liking. Although the car works well, P.Y. could not get some consistent timing in every run due to the high-wear rate of the tires and possibly wrong choice of tire addictive. Seems like only Ken Ng had the setup that saw he clocking under 14 seconds lap.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers (Open Modified)
1st Ken Ng - Xray T3, H-Energy - 22 laps 5:10.517
2nd P.Y.Tang - Xray T3, Orca - 21 laps 5:04.849
3rd Allister - Hotbodies Cyclone - 21 laps 5:08:933
4th Jonest Wong - Tamiya 416X, H-Energy - 21 laps 5:09.666
5th Barry Ng - Tamiya 416X - 21 laps 5:09.975
6th Kimie - Xray T3 - 21 laps 5:10.570
7th Paul Lok - Tamiya 416X - 21 laps 5:11.249
8th Jazz CK - Yokomo BD5 - 20 laps 5:05.185
9th Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 416X, H-Energy - 20 laps 5:06.158
10th Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca - 20 laps 5:06.622

In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang cruises to an easy Leg 1 victory when Ken started from pole had a bad start spinning out at the first corner. With most of the battle in the mid pack, P.Y.Tang claimed 1st, with Ken Ng in 2nd followed by Allister in the 3rd. Setting the fastest lap of the leg at 13.236s, P.Y.Tang found himself in a better position to challenge for top spot after changing tire/insert combination and switching tire addictive.

In the Final A2, Ken Ng got off a good start followed closely by P.Y.Tang. Ken made a small mistake on the left-hand turn hairpin after the drivers stand, giving P.Y.Tang a break to run away. Clocking in the mid 13sec lapper, P.Y.Tang managed to build up the lead ending the leg 2 with almost an 8sec lead over Jazz CK in 2nd, and Ken Ng in 3rd.

Going into the Final A3, Ken Ng, Allister and Jazz CK would battle for 2nd overall. At the tone, all drivers got off to a good start but a small pile up in the second corner changed everything, with Ken Ng and P.Y.Tang fell back into an unfamiliarize position. Led by Allister, Kimie and Barry Ng and unable to hold the line, P.Y.Tang managed to push himself back into the first position after some exciting battle with side by side actions coming out of the straight. It was expected P.Y.Tang to claim its 3rd victory by a small contact with the side wall on the straight caused him to spin out losing the lead at the final lap to Allister. Ken Ng had a terrible final along with some diff problems ended up in 4th in Leg 3, but a well-deserved 3rd overall position.

Final Top 10 Standings:
1st P.Y.Tang - Xray T3,Orca - 200pts
2nd Allister - Hotbodies Cyclone - 198pts
3rd Ken Ng - Xray T3, H-Energy - 197pts
4th Barry Ng - Tamiya 416X - 194pts
5th Jazz CK - Yokomo BD5 - 194pts
6th Desmond Tan - Xray T3, Orca - 191pts
7th Kimie - Xray T3 - 190pts
8th Chee Lip Keong - Tamiya 416X, H-Energy - 188pts
9th Jonest Wong - Tamiya 416X, H-Energy - 188pts
10th Paul Lok - Tamiya 416X - 185pts

P.Y.Tang debuts his Xray T3 with the new Orca Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo and Blitz ISF bodyshell.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ken Ng of H-Energy TQ and Podium at Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified (July 4, 2010)

Ken Ng of H-Energy grabbed TQ spot at the Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified this past weekend at the local track of UTM Skudai in Malaysia. Ken Ng's Xray T3 powered by the new H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance Lipo was the only driver in the qualifying rounds who broke into the 13 seconds lapper at 13.661s and would start from pole topping the group at 22 laps 5:12:372, followed by P.Y.Tang and Allister Lim. During the Final A1, Ken had a bad start spinning out at the first corner, dropped to last position by managed to push his way back up to second where P.Y.Tang lead was too much of a gap after the accident. In the Final A2 Ken got off a good start but made a mistake on the left-hand turn hairpin after the drivers stand, allowing few cars to pass. Ken Ng managed to climb back but it was a hard fought 3rd. P.Y.Tang won Final A2, followed by Jazz CK. With the 1st position already decided, the podium spots were still up for grabs. Going into the Final A3, Ken Ng could still take 2nd overall but a pile up in the second corner and a nudge from behind while trying to get away had found himself in an unfamiliarize position, with drivers in front closing up the line, Ken would have to settle for 4th in Final A3 and a well-deserved podium 3rd overall. Congratulations to Ken to take TQ and podium and Thank you for the confidence in H-Energy products!

Final Standings A-Main:

1. P.Y.Tang (Xray T3, Orca)
2. Allister (Hotbodies Cyclone)
3. Ken Ng (Xray T3, H-Energy)

Ken Ng uses the H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance Lipo to power his Xray T3and the reliable H-Energy 1400Mah 5C 6.4V LiFe Stick Pack in his Futaba 4PK transmitter.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Blitz Bodyshell Line-up @ Quantum!

For more information on Blitz bodyshell, please contact or visit our online catalog at