Monday, December 7, 2009

Samuel Tan and ZTW wins, and P.Y.Tang H-ENERGY testing at the Happy Happy Race in Singapore (November 29, 2009)

Samuel Tan took the TQ position and wins 1st overall in the Happy Happy Race 1/10th Touring Car Modified Class, a 2-day event on November 28-29, 2009. Powered by ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo, he took an easy win over his rival and friend on his new X-Ray T3. P.Y.Tang on his Tamiya 416WE powered by ZTW 120A ESC, ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor and ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo took overall 2nd and the fastest laptime of 15.411sec.

1st Samuel Tan X-Ray T3, ZTW
2nd P.Y.Tang Tamiya TRF416WE, ZTW
3rd Azmi X-Ray 09

In the stock class, it was long-time racer Khamil that took the win in his X-Ray T3. P.Y.Tang in his brand new and first outing of the H-ENERGY 5000Mah 45C powered Tamiya TRF416WE took overall second with the fastest clocked laptime of 16.15sec together with his ZTW 60A ESC and ZTW 11.5R Brushless Motor. Samuel Tan X-Ray 09 powered by ZTW 5000Mah 35C took the 3rd placing in the podium finish.

1st Khamil X-Ray T3
2nd P.Y.Tang Tamiya TRF416WE, ZTW, H-ENERGY
3rd Samuel Tan X-Ray 09, ZTW

P.Y.Tang's Tamiya TRF416WEs
Modified Class (below); ZTW 120A ESC, ZTW 4.5R Brushless Motor, ZTW 5000Mah 35C LiPo.
Stock Class (top); ZTW 60A ESC, ZTW 11.5R Brushless Motor, H-ENERGY 5000Mah 45C LiPo

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