Thursday, March 18, 2010

Team H-Energy "The Fastest Unlucky Mini" @ Tamiya 'Fiat Abarth 500' Challenge 180 Minutes (March 13, 2010)

First endurance race of the season is the Tamiya "Fiat Abarth 500" Challenge 180 Minutes at West Mall Singapore this past weekend organized by Stargek Tamiya. Team H-Energy sponsored Fiat Abarth 500 was driven by P.Y.Tang, Dominic Quek, Hojo Quek and Chee Lip Keong. P.Y.Tang started off as the 1st driver build a comfortable lead over the second opponent by 2 laps ahead, and clocked the fastest lap of the race at 9.8seconds. Team H-Energy used the H-Energy 4000Mah 25C LiPo to power this fastest mini on the track.

Unfortunately just at the end of the 45 minutes mark, Team H-Energy suffered from a melted gearbox problem causing them to pit. With the help of some mini-expert, the team managed to rebuild the whole gear box! Hojo Quek took the 2nd driver position but with already with a 30-minutes loss time. Team H-Energy continued to push the car and showed off that it was the fastest mini on the track blistering through the long straight and with tremendous acceleration out of the corners. At the 1.5-hours mark, 8-year old Dominic Quek took on the 3rd-driver position and showed everyone that he can be fast too! As Team H-Energy continues to climb back up, the gearbox began to fail again, and 4th-driver Chee Lip Keong only managed to drive for another 15minutes before the gearbox completely damaged..again! Team H-Energy only managed 7th position but it was a great fought battle and the team had a great endurance experience. Thanks to H-Energy for sponsoring the H-Energy 4000Mah 25C LiPo to power the "Fastest Unlucky Mini"...until next time...

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