Thursday, September 23, 2010

Xray-Orca P.Y.Tang TQ and 1st at Tainan EP Friendly Race

For the first time, Tainan EP Friendly Race was held at GTR race track in Tainan, Taiwan. Invited by our Taiwanese friends, it hoped to be an annual event that will attract more international drivers to visit Taiwan. The event was planned to be a 2-day event on September 19-20, with a registered entries of more than 60 drivers. Unexpected typhoon forecast to hit Taiwan on Sunday disrupted the race scehdule which had to be changed to 1-day race on Saturday with many drivers unable to turn up. Two classes were competed in 1/10 Electric Touring Car Modified and 1/10 Electric Mini 17.5T, with 1/10 Electric Touring Car Stock cancelled. Most drivers arrived at the track in the morning with a few hours of practise before the qualifying rounds started at around 2pm.

In the 1/10 Electric TC Modified, P.Y.Tang from Singapore in his Orca Vritra powered Xray T3 led the pace with the only 15 laps at Q1 with 5:18.390. Alvin Koh from Singapore improved in Q2 to take the lead at 15 laps 5:15.559 in his Tamiya TRF416. After changing to a harder setup in Q3 trying to improve the cornering speed P.Y.Tang improved 5 seconds to take TQ at 15 laps 5:13.195. Alvin would start 2nd from pole followed by Chen from Taiwan in 3rd. Finals would see P.Y.Tang to cruise for win taking A1 and A2.

Final Top 3 Standings (1/10 Electric TC Modified):
1. P.Y.Tang - Singapore - Xray T3/Orca Vritra
2. Alvin Koh - Singapore - Tamiya TRF416
3. Ben Hung - Taiwan - Yokomo BD5

P.Y.Tang use the 160A ORCA Vritra TC Pro-Spec ESC and Infinite 5500Mah 50C 7.4V LiPo in his Xray T3.

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