Sunday, December 5, 2010

Orca RX2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor Test @ Racecraft Infinity

P.Y.Tang have recently tested another Orca range motor, this time the Orca RX-2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor. The Orca RX2 6.5T was equipped in the Xray T3 for the Racecraft Infinity track in Singapore. A comparison was also tested to the Orca RX2 5.5T, both motors with turbo boost on. The Orca RX2 5.5T was definitely faster on the long straight but the Orca RX2 6.5T was a little easier to drive in the in-field with more consistent and tighter driving lines. The powerband on the 6.5T was much nicer to drive at a small size track. Both fastest laptime were recorded at the 14.2sec on a hot sunny day. The top end speed of the Orca RX2 6.5T was also slightly faster than any 4.5T motor on the long straight. The Orca electronics were running very cool where the Orca Vritra ESC was recording at about 50degC, Orca RX2 5.5T at 65degC, while the Orca RX2 6.5T barely reaching 55degC. A motor fan was mounted during the race. The Orca engineers did a great job in the development of these Orca combinations providing a more efficient and lower operating temperature electronics.

Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC Settings for Orca RX2 6.5T*:
Final Drive Ratio: 7.6-7.9
Timing: 21
Turbo Delay: Off
Turbo Timing: 36
Turbo Interval: 2
PWM: 32K
Drag Brake: Off
Brake Freq: 1KHz

*settings may not be suitable for other brand of motor.

Equipment on the Xray T3:
Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC
Orca RX-2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor
Orca Power Boost
Orca Infinite 6000Mah 60C and 5500Mah 50C
Orca 16V ESC Capacitor Plate
Sweep EXP 40R
Protoform LTC-R
Hara Super Soft Springs
Sanwa M11X

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