Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ORCA takes P1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 in Super Stock 13.5T at Summer Shootout 2012 (June 3, 2012)

ORCA takes center stage in Super Stock with P1, 2, 3, 4 and 6!!!

The top on road drivers of Manila gathered to join the 2012 Summer Shootout! ORCA led from start to finish in the qualifiers, with Mikey Garcia at P1 in 4 out of 5 heats with a fastest lap for Super Stock of 13.66 and the only car to run 22 laps in qualifying. Gerome Ling running in 2nd DNS'd due to a shattered rotor in Q3 and managed to continue in Q4 with a borrowed motor. Joseph Salcedo, who is usually at the top was struggling with his lack of speed. At the last moment before the finals, switched to ORCA electronics and provided him with the power he was looking for.

Final 1 was the most exciting race with everyone at the track on their feet. The racing was really close with position changes of the top 5 almost every lap. In the last minute of the heat, Mikey Garcia broke away from the pack with a sizeable lead of half a lap with Joseph Salcedo passing him in the opening laps. As Mikey Garcia inched closer and started reeling in Joseph Salcedo, an opportunity to pass came on the last corner of the last lap, but a mistake caused him to crash with Joseph taking 1st, and Mikey Garcia ending up in 4th. Gerome Ling takes 2nd and Noel Aldaba takes 3rd.

In the 2nd Final, Mikey Garcia had a clean start and led all the way to the finish - the battle was between 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions, and at one point saw the three of them side by side at the straight with Gerome crashing badly. In the end, Noel Aldaba and Joseph Salcedo squeezed through, taking 2nd and 3rd spots with Gerome Ling in 5th.

The 3rd final was crucial since there was a 5 way tie in points for the overall winner. Mikey Garcia made a mistake on tire strategy which caused his car to badly understeer and drive erratically, easily giving up his position to the 3 cars who started behind him despite his car being the only one to break a 14 second laptime. Gerome Ling and Joseph Salcedo battled it out, with Gerome leading from start to finish with Noel Aldaba taking 3rd, Mikey Garcia in 4th. Gerome did a flawless run, and finished as the only car to manage 22 laps in the finals!!!

When it came to the scorecard, points leader Gerome Ling took the overall lead crowing him the 2012 Summer Shootout Super Stock Champion!

Top 3 Final Standings A-Main (Super Stock 13.5T):
1. Gerome Ling - Tamiya - ORCA - (2-5-1)
2. Joseph Salcedo - Hotbodies - ORCA - (1-2-2)
3. Mikey Garcia - Yokomo - ORCA - (4-1-4)

Race Report by: Mikey Garcia

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