Friday, February 28, 2014

ELANGEARS introduced new charging algorithm RCH Mode

Elangears team drivers at recent TITC 2014 in Bangkok, were seen using a new charging mode extensively. The new RCH charging mode or Racing Charging Mode received many positive feedback from the drivers including Alexander Hagberg, Surikarn Chaidajsuriya, Andreas Myberg, P.Y.Tang, Jackie Siow, Max Park and many others.

Quoted by P.Y.Tang at the TITC 2014 Open Brushless Class, the RCH mode gives more "pumch" feel from the battery, with no loss or very minimal changes in the powerband during a 5-minute run. P.Y.Tang added that the charging mode also charge quicker compared to the SMT or CHG mode.  Previous statement by Alexander Hagberg feels that the RCH mode may not be more advantageous in the modified class, however can be very useful in the stock class. In the Qualifying Round 3 of the Open Brushless Class, Andreas Myberg clocked an amazing laptime of 14.4s, faster than most of the modified class, using the RCH mode in his ORCA Infinite Ultra Lipo.

Spoken with the Elangears designer at TITC 2014, the RCH mode uses a special charging algorithm that no only increases the "punch" feel from the battery but also can lower the battery internal resistance. RCH mode will be available soon in the new batch of Elangears chargers.

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