Monday, March 24, 2014

XPERT takes 3rd in 4WD Buggy Open at 2014 NOOB Series Round 2

Team Xpert driver P.Y.Tang recently attended the NOOB Series 2 at Raceworks Hobbies Singapore which had 3 mains in the 4WD Buggy entry. Due to his commitment in on-road racing, P.Y.Tang last outing on series off-road racing was in 2012, while he decided to join the 2014 series, also missing the Round 1 because of attending TITC in Bangkok.

P.Y.Tang ORCA-powered XB4 started off well in the qualifying making 21sec lapper but was not able to adjust to the new layout and also trying to setup his speedo running the ORCA 10.5T boosted for the first time in his buggy. Ending in 4th qualifying position, P.Y.Tang drove to finishing a 4th in leg 2 and finally winning leg 3, improving to 20.4s lap which he states that his XB4 and VX speedo setup finally worked to his liking.

Top 3 Final Standings:
1. BC - 4pts
2. Tein - 4pts
3. P.Y.Tang - ORCA - Xpert - Titan - 5pts

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