Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ORCA takes 2nd at Thailand International R/C Drift Competition 2014

ORCA -powered Louis Yip finished in an amazing 2nd overall at TDC 2014 (Thailand International R/C Drift Competition 2014) in Bangkok. Singaporean Louis Yip has been using the ORCA DRF speedo in his drift competition since 2012 and consistently making to the podium in recent competition!

Congratulations to Louis and ORCA!

This is what Louis had to say about his achievement at TDC 2014.

"Yet again a super lucky moment in RC drifting, qualifying 92 points at 3rd position and advance to D1GP class and rookie class, warm up at rookie and got in podium 3rd place, the D1GP class top 16 was classic. Competing with 8 seeders around the region with a difficult track, facing not much speed and grip was the major challenge. Managed to walk over for the 1st battle was lucky, didnt expect to advance all the way to final. tough event but yet lucky again, thx to the cheers by fellow local participants. Team DOD and Drift Lab guys, spirit between one united was awesome. up and down within the events, talking points between appeals was bits n pieces for competition. saw our nation flag rising was the proudest moment, 1st time in my drifting career with a overseas experience which i will neva forget ending wif twin tower. another milestone in my history book now, will explore more in the future. wanna thx Ds Racing for hosting yet another wonderful event, thumbs up! thx Ethan Shi for introducing tis to local community, thx PY Tang James and Street Revo Rc for their kind sponsors on Orca products. thx to tis two lovely ladies Welaipon Chloe Yang n Rungravee Yeq attending tis event wif me n supporting. thx to my dm kakis for training wif me John Gomez, Alan Leung,Shawn Kweky Kweky Kwek, Renzo Dislikes Rain, Neo Zhi Wei n Falcon Dylan Chiang. really hope we can go all together for next year k, lastly thx to my lucky red boxer, believe it anot....."

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