Saturday, December 27, 2014

ARC R10 and Blitz GSF dominated 2014/2015 ETS Round 1 Pro Stock in Czech Republic

Team ARC/BLITZ/TiTan Lars Hoppe from Germany gave the Taiwanese-based company to its first ETS win at the 2014/15 ETS Round 1 in Czech Republic.

Lars Hoppe ARC R10 ran with the new BLITZ Ultra Lightweight GSF was untouchable, dominated the Pro Stock class winning all 5 qualifying rounds and all 3 A-finals! Next up Round 2 in Germany.

A-Main Top 10 Final Standings (Pro Stock):
1. (TQ) Lars Hoppe - ARC R10 - BLITZ GSF
2. Jan Ratheisky
3. Valentin Hettrich - ORCA
4. Mike Gosvig
5. Markus Kreder - ARC R10
6. Martin Hofer
7. Marek Cerny
8. Julian Borowski
9. Bernhard Bopp
10. Max Machler

Lars Hoppe ARC R10 and BLITZ Setup Sheet.

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