Monday, September 28, 2015

ARC R8.0 wins 2015 KO Propo GP USA

Brandon Cho from Team ARC USA wins the 2015 KO Propo in the USA. Fantastic weekend for the popular ARC R8.0 and below is what Brandon has to say.

"Finally, after hard work, frustration, and failure, I was able to take my first ever major win. It still hasn't hit me yet, but I hope this will be a feeling I will experience more in my racing career. Thank you to my sponsors: ARC USA, Novarossi America, Punch Racing Fuels, O'Donnell Glow Plugs, Airtronics, Hot Race USA, and Hobby Authority, and also to Jason Garcia for the sick paint job. Thank you to Steve and Brad O'Donnell for supporting me, and Chris Verano and my dad Cho Joung for doing all they can to help me improve. Finally, thanks to the GLARCRC crew and all others who helped make the 2015 KO Propo GP happen."

Source: ARC

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