Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ARC R10 & BLITZ GSF A-Main Finalists at 2015/16 Euro Touring Series Round 1 Czech Republic

Team ARC started off their new ETS campaign last weekend first off at Hrotovice, Czech Republic. With more than 160 drivers in the Xray Pro Stock, this class has just gotten much bigger and more competitive. Leading the growing ARC team this season is front runner Lars Hoppe, Helge Johannessen, Henrik Heitsch and Markus Kreder in the Xray Pro Stock, while Steven Weiss continues to compete in the Modified class.

ARC team stated a slow start in the qualifying rounds of the Xray Pro Stock class despite Helge Johannessen, Lars Hoppe and Markus Kreder in 4th, 7th and 10th respectively after Q2 in their BLITZ GSF equipped ARC R10. With little time in practise and setup, only Helge Johannessen and Lars Hoppe managed to squeeze into the A-Main in 5th and 7th. With little that can be done for the finals, Johannessen and Hoppe were in contention for the podium spots after A-Final Leg 2, but a rare incident in Leg 3 pushes them out of top 3. Winner of this event last year Lars Hoppe settled in 5th and Helge Johannessen in 4th, Markus Kreder in B-3rd.

Final Standings A-Main (Xray Pro Stock):
1. (TQ) Jan Ratheisky
2. Marek Cerny
3. Tom Kragefski
4. Helge Johannessen - ARC R10 - BLITZ GSF
5. Lars Hoppe - ARC R10 - BLITZ GSF
6. Julian Borowski
7. Mike Gosvig
8. Martin Hofer
9. Toni Mateo
10. Tim Benson

Source: Team ARC

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