Thursday, July 28, 2016

ARC R8.0 and BLITZ TS040 is Vice European Champion in 2016 EFRA 1/8th Track

Toni Gruber from Team ARC is 2016 EFRA 1/8th Track Vice European Champion. The Euros was held in Eskilstuna, Sweden. An amazing run by Gruber puts him in overall 2nd started from 4th running the ARC R8.0 in combination with BLITZ TS040 bodyshell.

"What a weekend! After the Qualification rounds I Start from Position 6 in the Half Final, finished after 20 min at Position 1 and pump up in the A-Main Final. In the A-Main Final I Start from Position 4 and finished after the best Race End in my Racing Career on Position 2. What a amazing fight between Simon Kurzbuch, Daniele Ielasi and me. Sorry for Simon how was leading all over the Race.
I am really proud to have the Vice European Champion Title. And I really want to thank all my Sponsors ARC, Novarossi, Blitz, Titan, LMI, Contact, Ko propo, Mecca Fuel, RMV and NDS Tech for the Support!

Source: Toni Gruber

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