Monday, September 5, 2016

ARC and BLITZ poses good results the 2016 Euro Nitro Series Round 3 Austria

Another great weekend in Aigen was what stated by Team ARC/BLITZ drivers at the Euro Nitro Series with a strong results posing most ARC cars and BLITZ racing bodyshell in the 1/8th A-Main for a single manufacturer.

Three ARC R8.0 qualified straight into the A-Main, all equipped with BLITZ racing bodyshell, leading the team Lars Hoppe from Germany in 4th, Toni Gruber in 5th and John Ermen in 6th. Herfried Pucher managed to squeeze into the A-Main at 11th after winning his Semis. Lars Hoppe was looking for his podium finish with an aggressive fuel strategy but lost some pace after his second tyre change. This round of ENS poses best results for ARC and BLITZ as a manufacturer with 33% of ARC and 58% of BLITZ in the A-Main.

A-Main Final Standings (1/8th):
1. Simon Kurzbuch - Shepherd
2. Dario Balestri - Capricorn
3. Robert Pietsch - Mugen
4. Lars Hoppe - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS030
5. Toni Gruber - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS040

6. Lamberto Collari - Infinity
7. John Ermen - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS040
8. Carmine Raiola - Infinity
9. Michael Kammer - Shepherd - BLITZ TS040
10. Herfried Pucher - ARC R8.0 - BLITZ TS040
11. Anthony Abisset - Serpent - BLITZ TS040
12. Merlin Depta - Serpent - BLITZ TS040

Source: ARC

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