Saturday, July 29, 2017

ARC R11 Super Response Servo (SRS) now available @ Quantum!

ARC is excited to announce the collaboration with Savox for the ARC Super Response Servo (SRS) specifically for ARC R11 series touring cars. This servo was developed and manufactured by the market leading servo brand, SAVOX. 

The ARC SRS supports "Super High Response" protocol that is available from the high end transmitters. It provides quicker response and wider working angle on the R11 chassis. The ARC SRS comes with 5 cm all black color servo lead. It will make a neat and clean looking wiring layout. The unique full aluminium case combines with the servo mount helps racers to install this servo easily and precisely with 10g of weight reduction from the original servo mount. 

Servo Speed : 0.07 sec/60 ,
Servo Torque : 9.0 kg/cm
Brushless motor with Digital 4096 resolution controller unit

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