Thursday, August 24, 2017

BLITZ TS040 drivers' choice in A-Main 2017 ENS Round 3 Austria

German 1/8 On-Road ace Lars Hoppe recently attended the 2017 Euro Nitro Series Round 3 in Austria, finishing 3rd on the podium. The ex-ARC driver, took his Shepherd qualified from 6th and moved up to 3rd in the A-Main. Lars' choice of bodyshell was the BLITZ TS040 Lightweight 0.7mmversion, which he finds suitable in any of his 1/8 car.

Another huge boost for BLITZ was half of the field in the A-Main chose the TS040 Lightweight 0.7mm version, finishing 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

A-Main Final Standings (1/8 On-Road):
1. Simon Kurzbuch
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Lars Hoppe - BLITZ TS040
4. Jilles Groskamp
5. John Ermen - ARC R8.1 - BLITZ TS040
6. Robert Pietsch
7. Michael Kammer - BLITZ TS040
8. Silvio Hachler - ARC R8.1
9. Toni Gruber - BLITZ TS040
10. Timo Schroder - BLITZ TS040
11. Merlin Depta - BLITZ TS040
12. Dominic Greiner

Source: ARC

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