Monday, September 17, 2018

ARC R8.1 podium at 2018 Infinity Singapore International Nitro Grand Prix

The 2018 Infinity Singapore International Nitro Grand Prix was held on the same week as the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. Formerly known as RCMC Singapore Open, this year's biggest annual nitro event in Singapore is supported by Infinity. With a large attendance from Team Infinity Asia and Europe including reigning 1/8 world champion Dario Balestri, Team ARC also had a full support from its local drivers in Singapore.

Team ARC's Nelson Lee was the only local driver that matches the pace of some of the top names in the world. Dario Balestri came top of the group after 4 qualifying rounds. Consistent top 5 performance from Nelson Lee and best performance finishing 2nd in Q2 guarantee a spot in the semis. With Jesse Davis winning the Super Pole earns him a direct qualification to the A-Main with a blistering 16.2s lap. Nelson Lee also took part in the Super Pole performing a decent 16.5s lapper. Semi-finals proves nitro racing to be unpredictable which saw top drivers including Andy Moore, Chavit, Collari, Shimo failing to advance to the A-Main.

Top 10 Standings 1/8th On-Road (After 4 Qualifying Rounds):
1. Dario Balestri - Infinity
2. Jilles Groskamp - Infinity
3. Jesse Davis - Infinity
4. Naoto Matsukura - Infinity
5. Nelson Lee - ARC
6. Chavit Saligupta - Infinity
7. Takaaki Shimo - Infinity
8. Andy Moore - Infinity
9. Lamberto Collari - Infinity
10. Trin - Infinity

Top 12 A-Main Qualifiers 1/8th On-Road:
1. Dario Balestri - Infinity
2. Jesse Davis - Infinity
3. Jilles Groskamp - Infinity
4. Nelson Lee - ARC
5. Ray Poon - Infinity
6. Tay Wui Kiat - Shepherd
7. Kenji Taira - Infinity
8. Daryl Yeo - Shepherd
9. Izzah M. - Infinity
10. Naoto Matsukura - Infinity
11. Trin - Infinity
12. Dennis Weihert - Infinity

In the A-Main finals, TQ Dario Balestri suffered a clutch issue retiring just before the 10-minute mark. However luck was with Jesse Davis when he had a stripped first spur during the start and a hard-fought battle chasing back for the win. Jilles Groskamp and Nelson Lee consistent performance earned themselves 2nd and 3rd on the podium. For Naoto Matsukura, 3rd place seemed to be secured until the last minute when he ran out of fuel and handed 3rd position to Nelson Lee.

Top 12 A-Main Final Standings 1/8th On-Road:
1. Jesse Davis - Infinity
2. Jilles Groskamp - Infinity
3. Nelson Lee - ARC
4. Naoto Matsukura - Infinity
5. Kenji Taira - Infinity
6. Trin - Infinity
7. Daryl Yeo - Shepherd
8. Dennis Weihert - Infinity
9. Tay Wui Kiat - Shepherd
10. Ray Poon - Infinity
11. Izzah M. - Infinity
12. Dario Balestri - Infinity

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