Thursday, June 20, 2019

Muchmore Racing takes 2nd at the 2019 AOC Korea

Team Muchmore EC Kim attended the 2019 Asian Onroad Championships in Seoul, Korea, taking overall 2nd on the podium. After a strong qualifying, Kim was able to secured the 2nd spot from the grid just behind Infinity's Akio Sobue. Final A1 was won by Sobue with Kim in his rear view mirror for the whole 5 minutes. Kim started pressuring Sobue at the starting tone of the Final A2, resulting a pass in the first minute and went ahead for the win. Going into Final A3, Sobue having a fresher tires pulled away from the rest and taking the overall win, with EC Kim finishing 2nd and Byung Hwan Kim finishing 3rd on the podium.

Top 10 Final Standings (A-Main):
1. (TQ) Akio Sobue
2. EC Kim - Muchmore
3. Byung Hwan Kim
4. Nicholas Lee
5. Yugo Nagashima
6. Meen Vejrak
7. Dung Uk Jang
8. Dominic Quek
9. Dongwan Jo
10. Andy Moore

Source: AOC

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