Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tom Goh of Team Xray NT1 Singapore confirms to run H-Energy!

Tom Goh has officially confirmed to run the latest technology of H-Energy LiFe Receiver Pack on his Team Xray NT1. Tom started testing out the H-Energy LiFe 1400Mah Receiver Stick Pack since early this year and is very pleased with the performance of the pack. He stated that the receiver pack is very reliable with long run-time and provides consistent power to the demanding servos. The LiFe pack is the new generation of battery technology which has very low discharge rate compared to NiMh, and is much safer than LiPo. The use of 2S LiFe at 6.4V also eliminates the use of voltage regulator providing some relief for gas car drivers. Tom Goh recent achievements with H-Energy were Podium at Singapore Invitational 2010, 2nd for 1/10th and 3rd for 1/8th, and mutiple TQ, Wins and Podium at Singapore Edam Open Challenge 2010. We wish Tom success in the upcoming races with Team Xray and Team H-Energy!

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