Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Round 5 @ Atomic Collective (July 25, 2010)

Round 5 of Quantum Mini-Z Cup was held at Atomic Collective. They have generously sponsored their place for this event. Turnout for this event was pretty decent and in this race we see some new (old) faces.

Stock Class saw some intense racing between series leader Azmi and our guest from Malaysia, Jeff and the new (old) Roy Chong. Roy was about to upset the the top 2 drivers with some very slick driving. Ultimately, TQ goes to Azmi. In the Finals, Jeff found some additional power and manage to take the win for the 1st and 2nd Final. 3rd final went to Azmi and 2nd overall. Roy despite his best efforts manage to settle for 3rd.

Mod Class was another class act. Again in the qualifying, championship leader Jeff was unable to produce the form he has and narrowly lost TQ position to Azmi. In the finals, Azmi showed what true form is about and comfortably took 3 wins in all the Finals. Jeff has nothing to show and scrape for overall 2nd and Fred from Atomic Collective 3rd.

Final Results:

Stock Class

1. Jeff (PN Racing)
2. Azmi (TQ)
3. Roy Chong (PN Racing, R1wurks)
4. Zamil
5. Fred
6. Daniel (PN Racing, R1wurks)
7. Darryl

Mod Class

1. Azmi (TQ)
2. Jeff (PN Racing)
3. Fred
4. Osman
5. Daniel (PN Racing, R1wurks)

Overall point standings are uploaded on RCTech Forum at,

Stay tuned for more updates on the last and final round 6 of the Quantum Mini-Z Cup.

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