Wednesday, August 25, 2010

H-Energy LiPo 5500Mah 50C Quick Review by Wirawan Hamidoon

Recently signed H-Energy driver, Wirawan Hamidoon of Brunei has made a quick review of his new H-Energy 5500Mah 50C 7.4V High Performance LiPo. Here is the review.

By Wirawan Hamidoon:

Recently I was sent 2 H-Energy Lipo batts. The specs are 5500mAh 50C. The batts come in a nice box with a carbon look graphics printed on it. There are detail instructions/precautions and warnings on its side and at the bottom of the box. Read and understand it before operating.

On the inside, the batts are carefully padded with foam so it won’t move during transportation.

Here’s a close pic of the batt. It is wrapped in a transparent heat shrink plastic. You can remove it but I decided to leave it as it is, I just make some holes for the connector post as well as the balancer port. Leaving the shrink wrap also protect the batts from ageing ie: scratches during usage, afterall I like to keep my stuffs looking always fresh and looks new.

The dimension of the batts are 138 mm long, 47 mm wide and 26 mm thick. If you want it slimmer you can take off the shrink plastic that I mentioned above. I don’t have problems fitting it on my Sakura Zero and I assume there will be neither on any current TC model cars as well.

As always , every time I get new batts I will check for its voltage. As you can see from the pic below the batt came in balanced state. This is a very good sign as some previous batts that I had were not in balanced state and this usually leads to a swell prone state during a short time usage.

I balanced charged the batts using my charger set at 5.5A which is equal to 1C rate. After it fully charged I check its Internal Resistance with my charger and both batts showed a very low internal resistance value of 1. The lower the resistance the better the performing the batts coz it will not restrict current demanded from the esc during usage. My other batts that I had was reading the value of 3-5. This again is a very good sign of a very good batt.

First test I did was during one of the afternoon at our local track. Quickly I realized how powerful this batts are. I was using it in my stock car and I can easily match a mod car on the straights. This confirmed the internal resistance test that I did above. This further confirmed by my friend Haris, which has the same equipment (esc+motor+esc setup+FDR) as me. He was complaining on why his car was not as quick as me, so I lend him my batt and immediately he can feel the difference straight away.

First race was during our recent PEMKAR race. I was so confident on the performance of the batts that I decided to use my stock car in the Open Mod class 1st heat round. It appeared that I m right, I was on par with the other Mod cars and even Tq’ed the round. For the rest of the heats and finals I was using it on my 5.5t Mod car, which showed a blistering fast speed on the straights. The batts were very consistent during the heats and all the finals. Not a single hiccup. I m very happy with the performance of this batts and I will be using this batts from now on and any races that I ll be attending.

Original review can be found at this link

Thank you to Mr. Wirawan for the review! Good Luck in the upcoming races!

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