Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Season Finale Round 6 @ Atomic Collective (August 22, 2010)

22nd August 2010 came and it was the final round of the Quantum Mini-Z Series. Again, the venue is at Atomic Collective. Still up for grab is the Stock and Mod Open class overall Champion. The last race saw a different style than the usual clockwise track, it was run anti-clockwise instead. This gave a very interesting race as most of the drivers are not use to running anti-clockwise.

Qualifying saw a very strong run from Allister, who recently tied up with TRPscale as a team driver by TQ-ing both the Stock and Mod Open class. He proved that he is very determined to win both classes of the championship. Series leader, Azmi gave his all but the lack of experience running anti-clockwise proved that he had tried his very best and obtained 2nd overall in both Stock and Mod Open in Qualifying. Jeff from Mini-Z Dynasty was also lack-lustred in qualifying from tiredness from the road-trip and set-up problems with his car. These 3 are in contention for the Overall Champion for both classes.

In the Stock Class Finals, Daniel found some new pace and setting some fast laps in the finals, however, he was plague by mistakes and took him 3rd overall. Allister too has his fair share of issues, system issues and ball diff problems did not help to secure the win he needed and ended up 2nd overall. Azmi with his smooth and consistent driving help him to the win. With both Allister and Azmi tied at 120 points in the series, Azmi won by throw-away results.

In the Mod Open Finals, again Allister was having the same ball diff problem which he wasn't able to resolve. With the problem it was hard to fight for top spot and had to settle for 3rd overall. Jeff was let down by body shell problems and a screw came out in one of the finals and he scrap for 2nd overall. Azmi again proved that smooth and consistent driving is the best way to win the race even he said earlier
that running anti-clockwise is his un-doing. The series champion goes to Azmi over 1 point over Allister.

Top 3 Final Results

Stock Class:
1st Azmi
2nd Allister (TQ)
3rd Daniel

Modified Class:
1st Azmi
2nd Jeff
3rd Allister (TQ)

Overall Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2010 Champion:
Stock Class - Azmi
Modified Class - Azmi

Congratulations to Azmi for being the the 2010 Quantum Mini-Z Cup Series Champion!

Biggest winner for the day is Jeff Cheong from Mini-Z Dyansty KL, he walked away with a 2.4ghz MR02 Mini-Z kit!!!!

Thank you all drivers for the support as we come to an end of the series race and thanks to our sponsors, PN Racing, R1wurks, Reflex Racing, H-Energy and Eastgear.

See you soon in Quantum Mini-Z Cup 2011!

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