Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smokem T3LP back in stock and new Smokem product @ Quantum!

T3LP Carbon Fiber Chassis

Following on from the success of the 416LP chassis, Smokem Racing has developed a LiPo-specific chassis for the Xray T3. By flipping the drive belts, the LiPo is offset further from the chassis centerline. While on the other side, the receiver and ESC are shifted towards the centerline. Two battery positions are provided so racers can choose where they want to position their LiPo’s. The result is a balanced chassis with no additional weights required.

The 2.3mm thick chassis has been designed for added stiffness to give fantastic response in high grip conditions. With an overall width of only 94mm, scrubbing during hard cornering is minimized. Cutouts have been placed to deliver a design with balanced lateral flex. The result is awesome corner speed and stability over a wide range of conditions.

With both longitudinal and lateral battery tape slots, the T3LP chassis accepts all LiPo’s - with or without humps - without additional retainers that may induce tweak.

Mi4 Upper Link Plate

Developed with leading local Schumacher drivers, the Smokem Mi4 Upper Link Plate provides Schumacher Mi4 racers with additional, longer upper link positions to dial in their cars. By incorporating multiple link positions, racers can alter the length of the upper link without changing the upper link plate. Apart from the standard 39.2mm spacing, there are 2 additional spacings of 31.7mm and 24.2mm.

Running a longer upper link provides greater roll resistance for a given spring rate and less camber rise. It is also ideal when running harder carcass control tyres by maximizing tyre contact patch and maintaining consistent tyre wear. Removing the shock tower is recommended to simplify installation.

Suits Schumacher Mi4 and Mi4LP.

DEX410R Shock Towers

The Smokem DEX410R carbon fiber shock towers are a direct replacement for the aluminium shock towers found on the Durango DEX410R. We have provided additional shock mounting holes to allow racers to further fine-tune the handling of their Durango machine.

Suits Durango DEX410R and DEX410.

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