Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Litemodz Design initial testing at Putri Wangsa Track Malaysia

Recent win and feedback by Racecraft Open 11.5T 2010/11 Stock Champion, Leonard Sim, proven that the unique design of the Litemodz CVS is very advantageous in today's RC cars. Immediate effect of the CVS on scale cars are the elimination of front wheel vibrations or so-called wheel chattering, improves front tire wear, and also faster and smoother cornering speed.

P.Y.Tang recently used the Xray 50mm CVS set on his Xray T3'11 for the Putri Wangsa Track Opening Race in January 2011. P.Y.Tang stated that the CVS takes a little more time to assemble than the conventional driveshafts, but immediate effect can be seen on the bench where front wheel vibration was eliminated. Initial result on the track showed a positive result although more focused testing is required to get an actual data. P.Y.Tang laptime posed a fastest lap of 14.1s at the Putri Wangsa track during the qualifying rounds with a set of older Sorex tires which the car is much more stable and more precise during cornerings and accelerations. During the finals, P.Y. installed the conventional driveshafts back into his T3'11, but the fastest lap in all 3 finals that he could achieved was 14.3s, despite having a new set of tires on. The result showed the CVS to be very positive, although there could be many surrounding factors that could affect the laptimes. The next testing would be in TITC RC City which P.Y.Tang intend to run the CVS both front and rear, which Litemodz Design claims that equalising input and output shaft speeds, in the front and rear, would improve tranmission wind up and tyre wear across.

The Litemodz Design CVS 2pc set comes with a serial number to be registered online for a limited period warranty, and all CVS can be maintained by separate driveshafts, axle and rebuild kit.

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