Wednesday, February 2, 2011

P.Y.Tang podium for Xray-Orca-Litemodz at Putri Mart 1/10 On-Road GP and EP Track Opening Race (January 23, 2011)

New Putri Mart Track in Southern Malaysia organized their first race on January 23, 2011 with over 60 entries recorded in total for 1/10 EP Touring Modified Class and 1/10 GP Touring Class. P.Y.Tang finished in 2nd place for the 1/10 EP Modified Class, giving another podium for Xray, Orca and the new brand Litemodz Design.

The qualifying rounds in the 1/10 EP Modified was topped by Ken Ng setting the pace in his Xray T3'11. Having being frustrated the whole morning, P.Y.Tang unable to get a clean run in all the qualifying rounds, including a major crash on the straights caused by a backmarker on qualifying round 3, could only managed to qualified 5th. In the A-Main Final 1, P.Y.Tang picked up pace passing the front runners in the first minute and found himself just behind the leader Ken Ng. While applying pressure on Ken Ng up to the 4th minute, P.Y.Tang managed to take the lead after Ken Ng overshooting the left chicane before the sweeper. Unfortunately at the very last lap, a backmarker caused contact with P.Y.Tang just before the transponder line, allowing Ken Ng to take the win. Already in a bad qualifying spot, P.Y.Tang was only able to finish in 2nd for A-Main Final 2, and another accident causing him to reitre on the A-Main Final 3. Ken Ng took the TQ and 1st, followed by P.Y.Tang and Jazz CK.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings (A-Main 1/10 EP Modified):
1. Ken Ng - Xray, H-Energy - 24 laps 5:02.709
2. Jazz CK - Xray - 24 laps 5:11.256
3. Bernard Lee - Xray - 23 laps 5:01.284
4. Paul Lok - Tamiya - 23 laps 5:01.832
5. P.Y.Tang - Xray, Orca, Litemodz - 23 laps 5:02.009
6. Jonest Wong - Tamiya - 23 laps 5:07.975
7. Henry Kwong - Tamiya - 23 laps 5:08.507
8. Lee Han Chuang - Xray - 23 laps 5:09.730
9. How - Xray - 23 laps - 5:12.511
10. B.H.Gan - Xray, Orca - 23 laps 5:12;705

Top 3 Final Standings (A-Main 1/10 EP Modified)

1. Ken Ng - Xray, H-Energy
2. P.Y.Tang - Xray, Orca, Litemodz
3. Jazz CK - Xray

P.Y.Tang's Xray T3'11 was equipped with the Orca Vritra VTC Pro-Spec ESC, Orca Infinite 6000mah 60C, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V Capacitor Plate, Orca RX2 6.5T Professional Brushless Motor and the new Litemodz Design CVS.

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