Friday, April 6, 2012

Exotek XR3'12 Conversion Set for XRAY T3'12 now available @ Quantum!

XR3'12 Performance ultra narrow lipo chassis with bushing supported hinge pin blocks.
- New design incorporates heavy duty bushing supported hinge pin blocks- the same concept incorporated into other world caliber touring cars by Tamiya, Yokomo and Hot Bodies.
- The steel insert bushing insure ultra free suspension movement, no matter the arm angles.
- No locked up and twisted stock plastic Xray blocks- by it's design the stock Xray suspension creates more suspension arm lock (friction) onto the hinge pins as more power is put down.
- 4 heavy duty 7075 suspension blocks are included, FF-C, FR-B, RF-XB (split style), RR-D (see the attached chart to view angles). The included blocks will give you .5 degree of front arm sweep and 3 degrees of rear toe.
- Optional hinge blocks are available to quickly adjust the angles to your liking HERE. Also fully compatible with Tamiya sedan blocks.
- Optional hinge spacers are used to adjust for roll center HERE.
- 2.25mm USA made precision cut soft weave carbon fiber.
- Only 85mm wide at the main chassis section to better utilize lower ride heights for more aggressive cornering.
- Shaped cuts for improved flex.
- Uses the stock Xray T3'11/12 lipo mounts.
- Optional adjustable carbon fiber lipo mounts available HERE!
- Xray T3'11 OR T3'12 is required.
- 3 x .1mm hinge pin shims are suggested for fine shimming.

Also available;
T3'12 flex top plate
T3'12 Steering brace
T3'12 Steering bridge
T3 adjustable battery cups
XR3'12 Replacement rear hinge pins
XR3'12 Replacement hinge bushings

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