Thursday, July 5, 2012

EXOTEK F1 Ultra F103 & F103GT Chassis Conversion back in stock @ Quantum!

The next evolution in the Exotek F1 line of chassis for the F103. Based on the hugely successful F1R, the F1ultra has been refined for the Tamiya F103 and benefits greatly from its wider width and shorter wheelbase and works equally well on foam or rubber tires.

Race proven features include;
- Link type rear pod for exceptional rear grip. The rear suspension pod includes ball links and reinforced easy set side links.
- Optimized for use with 7.4v SHORTY for a more compact and lighter car.
- You have the option to mount the Shorty lipo Inline for more steering response or laterally for more rear grip and stability.
- Bottom plate only design helps generate more steering response. This coupled with the increased rear traction creates an overall better handling car.
- Easy 2 screw shock plate and battery removal. The battery can be lifted straight up and out without interference from the ESC or receiver.
- Includes black anodised rear zero rebound roll dampener and mounting bar.
- Includes Associated side pod springs and mounts. These are used to tune for steering response and pod level (tweak).
- US made premium 3.0mm quasi weave carbon fiber is used throughout.
- Unicrank steering assembly for smoother steering and lower center of gravity at the nose to reduce traction roll.
- Short style wheelbase- 260mm
- Compatible with any Tamiya F103.
- Compatible also with the 3Racing F109 if you install a F103 motor pod.
- Compatible with an F104W if you use F103 bodies

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