Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yokomo podiums at NOOB Singapore Open Buggy Series 2012 4WD Round 5 (August 12, 2012)

Coming almost to the end of the season, the best electric off-racing in Singapore, NOOB hosted their Round 5 of Singapore Open Buggy Series 2012 4WD at Raceworks Hobbies on August 12, 2012. The event attracted 3 mains competing in the 4WD open class.

Representing Yokomo off-road in the race was P.Y.Tang piloting the ORCA-powered Yokomo B-MAX4 II WS. After taking a short break from off-road racing to concentrate on on-road racing at the Tamiya Asia Cup in Korea, P.Y.Tang was able to qualify 2nd from the grid. After winning Round 1 in the series, P.Y.Tang stated his Yokomo was handling very well but he just needed more practise to compete with the top off-road racers, and has to make lesser mistakes in the race. Despite having a close fight with TQ BC, and coming close in winning the finals, P.Y.Tang had one too many mistake finishing 3rd and 2nd in Final A1 and A2 respectively. BC sitting out on Final A3 allowing P.Y.Tang to win Final A3 and taking 2nd overall. Tein also having a good competition behind the 2 leaders finished in 3rd overall.

Top 3 Final Standings (A-Main)
1. BC - Durango DEX410
2. P.Y.Tang - Yokomo B-Max4 II WS - ORCA
3. Tein - Durango DEX410

P.Y.Tang's ORCA-powered Yokomo B-Max4 II World Spec, Orca Infinite 5200Mah 45C 7.4V Saddle Pack LiPo, Orca Vritra VC4 Pro-Spec MK2 ESC, Orca QX1 11.5T Brushless Racing Motor, Orca Power Boost, Orca 16V Power Capacitor.

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