Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blitz TSX TQ at Raceworks Elite Modified Class

BLITZ driver P.Y.Tang uses the TSX to TQ the season finale of the Raceworks Elite Modified Class. After several testing using different types of Blitz bodyshell on his XRAY T4, the Blitz TSX finally gave the best results in the tough racing condition at Round 7 of the season finale.

P.Y.Tang have been using the Blitz racing bodyshells since earlier this year, was seen in action using the Blitz XFR, WRX and TSX, all in lightweight version. In Round 1, before the resurface of the race track, traction was lower and the Blitz XFR worked best.

P.Y.Tang did not use the Blitz WRX often as he stated the bodyshell was too stable on the XRAY T4, although there was 2 runs in Round 1 that saw him choosing the WRX for the damped track condition.

Resurfacing of the race track after Round 1 made the race conditions even tougher. High traction created overheating of tires making previous setups not suitable. In Round 2 and 3, P.Y.Tang tried using the XFR and WRX but was unsuitable with the track traction and layout. XFR did gave a quick and stable turning, especially on hairpins, but still causes overheating of tires too quickly on that track, making his XRAY T4 hard to drive after the 3rd minute. In Round 2 to Round 5, P.Y.Tang was out of pace and was not able to optimize the car settings with the Huge RC 35R tires, struggling in multiple occasions managing only podium and a DNF. As more practise time was put in, P.Y. finally found a much more suitable setting on his XRAY in Round 6 and 7, along with the choice of using the Blitz TSX which created least drag, and gave him better final results.

Photos: Cheryl Tay, Raceworks

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