Monday, December 9, 2013

ORCA Vritra VXX Competition ESC back in stock @ Quantum!

ORCA Vritra VXX Competition ESC back in stock

ORCA bring enhanced new VXX competition ESC to date, which is improved software and hardware bring drivers better race experience, new heat sink design increase efficiency by 20%, upgraded motherboard contain coating for moisture and dirt protection and resulted in better firmware design
- Support both Stock and Modified Motor
- Multiple Adjustable Parameters : 12 Parameters(use optional program card)
- Adjustable Drive Frequencies : Yes
- Motor Type : Brushless sensored 540 size Motor
- Voltage input : DC 4.8V - 9.9V, 2cells LiPo / 2-3cells LiFe
- Dimesions : 39(L) x 31(W) x 22.5(H) mm
- Weight : 45g excluded wires

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