Monday, May 19, 2014

ARC R10 TQ and Win in 2014 Japan MTS Championship

ARC R10 TQ and Win in 2014 Japan MTS Championship. Reported by Active Hobby Japan below.

"Hi there Active hobby Nagoya Office Asahara 2014 Golden Week EPT Big Events MITA Champion Ship at TM track. MITA Champion Ship on May / 4 where much Japanese top drivers Gathered. A-main Finals with 6Cars of ARC R10 Cars. TQ & WIN WAS SANO of the ARC R10 driver. Also, 3th / TUBONO and 8th / KAMIDA of the ARC R10 drivers. Entries Cars No1 for ARC R10 Cars. . Race Produced by TOMITA 月4日5 (日曜日) in Wakayama Prefecture Kansai Kinokawa TM circuit Wakayama's BIG event of EP touring Mita-sen (All Japan Championship such like) have been made. Participation from Kanto has become less this time, Kansai was held 56 people gathered in one race category using the EP touring 17.5T motor from China and districts that Chukyo of course. Greeting of race organizers TM circuit manager Tomita of time! ! After the combination, the race start qualifying conduct a practice run for 5 minutes! ! Qualifying performs a combination changed to 1 round after driving, at which point of the best two round total of four round to determine the qualifying order. Close combat had waged in many places because the lap times around the same almost no speed difference. Traveling bonnet remains recessed I also caught up in the accident! ! Body using the BLITZ GSF. Kobayashi and Raj Maga writer Koba sumo which is the war's first participation seen this time (center)! ! And Goto player (center)! ! GPT sport class finalists Kanda player (pictured center) 2013EPT Japan 3 KuraiMakiOka players (left)! ! Matsuda player (left) Beetops owner Tokumaru player (center)! ! Qualifying and ARC R10 Sano player won the impressive qualifying TQ is Sano players TRF Sobue players in the top intense fight! ! Qualifier / ARC R10 Sano & TRF Sofue compete for the top. Sano gets qualifier TQ wonderfully! A Finalist TOP10! ! ARC R10 six is impressive advance to the A final! ! I also advance to the final Sano player, Tsukamoto players, Tsubono players, Kanda players, and players MakiOka! Finals Sobue players in second place in the Sano players and final ranking determined by the total points is done two rounds, the first round. It became a decision by the time second round since at the same point and 2nd place top turnover but what 0.3 seconds behind winner Sano player, 2nd Sobue players, 3 Tsubono players have won a prize. Sano won player! ! (Winer Driver by SANO with ARC R10 car) 3 of Tsubono player! ! (3th Driver by TUBONO with ARC R10 car) 8 of Kanda player! ! (8th Driver by KAMIDA with ARC R10 car) All Japan Championship this year I look forward to the Finals admirably in a few months for the first time the EPT. ARC R10 driver group photo! ! (With ARC R10 Drivers) It was the largest number of entries in this race last was climax ends with rock-paper-scissors tournament, etc. Enjoy lottery is performed. It claims it is held in Beetops's in the fall next time. The TM-like members of management and everyone of the players who participated was cheers for good work. BY AsaharaPer"

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