Tuesday, May 6, 2014

EXOTEK 22 Steering Rack Ver.2 Set - 22, 22SCT, 22T now available @ Quantum!

EXOTEK 22 Steering Rack Ver.2 Set - 22, 22SCT, 22T now available.
All new Version 2 design! Even more compact design that uses less parts which means it has a new lower price!

This ultra smooth ball bearing and bushing supported design was carried over from our popular parts for other buggy models and is surprisingly compact and efficient on the TLR 22 line of cars. The conversion bolts into the stock locations of the 22 chassis, with ease, and uses all of the stock hardware.
The geometry is spot on with the steering rack working in perfect tandem with the front links and suspension of the 22. The reverse mounted steering cranks matches the movement of the steering knuckles resulting in aligned angles of the steering turnbuckles when turning left and right.
Bump steer can be easily changed by spacing the rack up or down and the steering link angle can be changed by adding spacers to the inboard ball ends.
The inboard ball ends laydown position also helps eliminate ball cups popping off from the stock 22SCT rack.

Constructed of high quality alloy with the rack and cranks made of 7075 alloy and all alloy parts anodized in polished gun metal gray.

The design is very tunable and so allows for experienced racers to experiment with set ups.

For more information, please visit www.quantumracing-rc.com or contact us at enquiries@quantumracing-rc.com

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