Monday, September 8, 2014

ARC R10 is Japan National Champion at 2014 JMRCA Electric Touring Open Class!

Yusuke took the ARC R10 to TQ and win in the Electric Open Class of the 2014 JMRCA (Japanese National Championships). Active Hobby, distributor of ARC in Japan reports as below.

Report by Active Hobby:

"Hi there It is active hobby Nagoya office Asahara you know also covered with JMRCA website, etc. All Japan Championship 2014 EPT OPEN & S-EX final result I think. ARC R10 is followed by Sano players last year, for the second consecutive year OPEN class by the big success of Yusuke Goto players TQ & achieve victory! ! Chassis stable characteristics that are not affected by the road surface condition and the height of the machine potential, the results of this the best I think was in the durability. And challenge the qualifying fifth fastest Sano player is Kohashi from control practices in the S-EX class of hard-fought, there was also a scene that are struggling qualifying midfield but at run good of the fourth fastest goal in the 6 th round of the final round the final result is winning 6 Following the powerhouse of the world to A main advance admirably in 8th. Was set up because it was late 2015 black version, machine Sano players will reach Nantes was one week before the All Japan. It outperforms the potential of 2014 in fine-tuning from the basic set, R10 2015 ARC is in the smooth running due to the effect of the upper bulk and Big Bore shock absorbers of the new design to show off the cornering flowing, top drivers always during the race and compare favorably with products was. Of course, TM circuit of the mechanic was the best setting to driving style Sano players skills of Tomita manager is also expected. 84 pitch spur and pinion upcoming that are combat-up in the race at the machine Goto player who won! ! Exerts the response of the preeminent, you can also fine-tune the gear ratio. Durability were also able to demonstrate without trouble qualifying, to the final from the practice. And, here also will be released soon, wide wheel nut! ! It is possible to run a stable reduced the blur of the wheel. TEAM Kansai cheering! Kanda players EPT All Japan's first participation. Earn # 12 stunning! It RC magazine writer Koba-chan, Kobayashi also EPT All Japan's first race! It seems to have been incomplete combustion can not test it as I think is dependent on weather conditions. Mr. Kiyomoto of third place OPEN class last year (left) also came to cheer. I did not have an entry this year, but it worked for us in the future to use the R10 2015 ARC. OPEN class finalists! ! S-EX finalists! ! Goto players decided the championship without waiting for the third round decided the top goal with 2 round OPEN Class A Final! 4 prize Tsukamoto players OPEN class! 10 prize Tokumaru players OPEN class! Is Beetops circuit owner. 11th Tsubono players OPEN class! 6 place finish Sano player S-EX class! ! OPEN class TOP3! ! S-EX class TOP3! ! Goto player machine introduction! ! Is attached to the rear the R10 front part, we are now able to freely adjust the angle Riyato. Riyato - corner has been setting to be to + 3 ° + 1 °, to Furubotomu time. Add shock mounting stay in suspension arms. It is difficult to understand in the photograph, but Riyasutabi were used initially 1.4mm but because it was too hard, exquisite shavings in Ryuta we were using was in hardness. Is passed through a style to suit the driving style of their own and use something different from the other players also grip agent, qualifying in the speed of the infield was overwhelming and issues a best lap of about comparable to the S-EX class. 2014 EPT All Japan Championship in has provided us with a great circuit of everyone JMRCA officers, and everyone, of participating athletes were cheers for good work Bee tops Tokumaru's store manager. And, thank you. By AsaharaPer"

Source: ARC

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