Monday, September 8, 2014

ORCA wins 2nd Leg of 2014 JP Raceway Indoor 2WD Buggy Series

Mikey Garcia from Philippines took the overall win in his ORCA-powered Team C T2 Evo at the 2nd Leg of the JP Raceway Indoor 2WD Buggy Series on August 31, 2014. Mikey was kind enough to send us his report below.

"After a dismal finish in round 1 due to bent hinge pins and seized bearings, Mikey makes a strong comeback in the 2nd round by taking TQ in all 3 rounds with his newly rebuilt Team C T2 Evo. With his newfound speed, Mikey is able to make the most out of pole position by leading race #1 from start to finish, lapping everybody up to 3rd place, and almost lapping 2nd placer Paul Imson. Race number 2 was more interesting, since an error by Mikey early in the heat gave 2nd position driver Paul Imson the lead for a few laps. With Mikey making up for lost time and distance, Imson makes an error of his own and Mikey regains the lead and finishes a strong 1st in the 2nd final. Taking the win in the first and second finals, Mikey sits out the third heat as race champion for the day. The Orca power system proves itself as a strong and worthy contender in 2WD buggy due to the smoothness of the power delivery, and high RPM its boost and turbo can deliver, beating other drivers who were running lower turn motors. The 90C shorty pack delivered consistent and reliable power throughout the 8 minute run with no fade at all. Combining the ESC, motor and battery of Orca made a huge influence on how the car drove, delivering the only buggy that did 20 laps in any heat.
The Indoor 2WD Buggy Series in JP Raceway is hosted by PitShop. 3rd and final round is on Sept 21.''

Mikey Garcia drives the Team C T2 Evo with Pro line Tires, Orca VXX ESC w/4.1 firmware, Orca RX-2 13.5 turn w/option rotor, Orca Infinite Ultra 4800 mah 90C shorty battery and Sanwa SDX-801 Sanwa M11X

Top 3 Final Standings:
1st Mikey Garcia (center)
2nd Paul Imson (right)
3rd Noel Aldaba (left)

Source: ORCA Philippines, Mike Ang/PitShop

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