Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ARC R8.0 Debut Took 2nd at 2015 Korea National 1/8 Championship

ARC R8.0 takes 2nd at its debut in the first round of the 2015 Korea National 1/8 Championship. The newly-launched 1/8 scale ARC R8.0 from the Taiwan-based company has been showing good results around the world. Below is the report from the ARC Korea.

"The 2015 Korea National Championship for 1/8 engine Racing was held at the beautiful and dynamic racing circuit Hitec in Korea. ARC/Teamace 3 drivers (Mr.Kim, Ki Hung/Mr. Yoo, Jae Kook and Mr. Woo, Tae Sik) attended and brought very good result.

The Hitec usually opens week-end only so the 3 drivers didn't have enought time to practice and set-up but the 3 guys over come this ! ARC R8.0 was very good all through out practice... Mr. Kim, Ki Humg took the second position in qualifying followed by TQ with just 0.4 second behind. He was expected as very strong winner in this Korea National Championship ! but unfortunately he retired due to his transmitter battery problem and failed to enter A-main.. but another ARC/Teamace driver Mr. Yoo, Jae kook entered into A-main with 7 position and finally took 2nd position in this National Championship ! He drived R8.0 very stable and R8.0 supported his style very well without any problem for 1 hour.

By this result R8.0 was provened as very fast and reliable car in 1/8 engine pure racing and becoming very popular in Korea engine pure market. Mr.Choi, Nak Sung (Chief of Teamace and The most Korea championship winner) didn't attend this race but he was invited as referee and managed the race very well without any complain from drivers. He also lead his team very successfully in this racing he recruited young and talented guys in time and trained well and then
finally took the 2nd position in national championship !!

But this is not end... Because Korea national championship will go 2 round.. so one round is still left (will be held at October 2015) If ARC team got point more at 2nd round than the first round winner.. then ARC team will become final national champion !!"

Source: Team ARC

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