Monday, May 25, 2015

X-Gear Flex Spring G8 Touring Car Shock Springs now available @ Quantum!

New in the shop is X-Gear Flex Spring G8 Touring Car Shock Springs. Proven by top world drivers, the flex springs has more linear feeling with improved cornering speed.

The flex springs are 25mm standard length and comes in gold color, color-coded to 5 types of spring rates between C2.4 to C2.8, suitable for all 1/10 electric touring cars.

XGE-XST011 X-Gear FLEX Spring G8/C2.4 BLUE
XGE-XST012 X-Gear FLEX Spring G8/C2.5 SILVER
XGE-XST013 X-Gear FLEX Spring G8/C2.6 PINK
XGE-XST014 X-Gear FLEX Spring G8/C2.7 RED
XGE-XST015 X-Gear FLEX Spring G8/C2.8 YELLOW

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