Monday, June 28, 2010

Smokem Racing 416LP Chassis and 416 Steering Brace available now @ Quantum!

Smokem 416LP Chassis and 416 Steering Brace is now available @ Quantum!

Smokem Racing has developed a LiPo-specific chassis for the TRF416-series touring cars. By flipping the drive belts, the LiPo is offset further from the chassis centerline. While on the other side, the original servo mounts are flipped to move the servo closer to the centerline. The receiver and ESC can also be shifted further towards the centerline. The chassis retains the same longitudinal battery position as the 416 and 416X. At the same time, two lateral battery positions are available. The result is a balanced chassis with no additional weights required.

A common tuning trick on the TRF416-series chassis is to remove the factory aluminum steering bridge. Doing this increases flex in the front end which can give more steering. But in certain conditions, this can also make the steering too sensitive and decrease stability. Smokem Racing steering brace for 416-series is available.

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